“Gaps? What gaps?”

HERE IS A LIST OF JUST A FEW OF THOSE “GAPS THAT AREN’T THERE” that anti-creationists like to say are simple things they just don’t know yet but they will, while they demand to know where God came from, a question that has already been answered long ago:

Tell us EXACTLY WHAT is dark matter made up of, and provide a link to the proof.

Tell us EXACTLY WHAT is dark energy and provide a link to the proof.

Tell us what refutation you have to “evolutionary biologist” Stephen Gould’s comment that the fossils show stasis rather than continuous evolutionary progression between the fossil stasis. Why did Stephen Gould call them “gaps” if those “gaps” are not there?

Tell us EXACTLY HOW dead matter made the leap into biological organisms?

Tell us EXACTLY WHY physicists struggle with the anthropic principle and EXACTLY WHAT is the explanation for the dozens of micro-tuning of the physical constants of the universe, coordinated in a symphonic combination that is required for the existence of life?

Tell us HOW one can squiggle out of the fact that creationist scientists Russel Humphreys was able to predict spot-on the strength of the magnetic field of the outer gas giants (based on Genesis One) while NASA’s brilliant team of GOVERNMENT-paid scientists were exponentially off?

EXACTLY WHY are there so many quasars and galaxies that astronomers say are obviously and visibly physically connected in space while their red shifts are so very much different, as in creationist astrophysicist Halton Arp’s vast catalogue of them? (And why the scientists of the government establishment refuses to allow him credit but instead recognize two others as originatal documentarians of the phenomenon?)

WHY do the most outstanding and experienced Big-Bang and inflation-believing scientists REFUSE to debate creationist scientists anymore? Why do none of them dare take on Walter Brown’s far-rules written-debate challenge?

WHY did so many medical scientists declare 72 –seventy-two– human organs as vestigial (against the warnings of creation scientists) so prematurely resulting in the unnecessary removal of appendices and other useful organs from the human body?

WHY did so many geneticists rush to declare the majority of the human genome to be JUNK DNA to the RAUCOUS LAUGHTER of creationists, only to declare themselves embarrassed (again) to find out that the “junk” DNA actually has good purpose?
(Avoiding, of course, giving credit to the creationist biologists and the intelligent design advocates for warning them)

EXACTLY HOW did the retina evolve from a rock with the rest of you to the way it works, where just ONE photon that hits ONE cell initiates a reaction in the cell involving TWELVE discrete steps to start the message on its way to the brain?


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