Science fakery destroys faith in the High Priests of Scientism Religion

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The Internet is the best peer review system there is. ALL of a researcher’s peers that want to can look at it, self-appointed watchdogs can pick it apart or demand to see the source code behind the programs. Last year there was a new resolution of what they call the “P versus NP” problem hit the Internet like a lightning bolt because it’s one of the few big centuries-old math propositions still waiting a solution. It was disproved within about 24 hours:

Now this false religion of “scientism” is exposed, the idea that “science” is some kind of magically divine occupation that elevates its faithful above reason, above its inferiors, and its truths are higher than any “religious” or Biblical truths.

Science is done by scientists, and without even considering the corruption factor, their rules are neither better nor make them better than anyone else, and even magical invocations of “scientific method” chants cannot make them more than human.

Climategate, the treatment of Joao Majeigo at the hand of peer reviewers, the shameful persecution of anybody who treats intelligent design science by the same rules as others, the shameful pharmaceutical “science”, the use by political tyrants of economists to rob us all, are increasingly seen by the rest of us. Find the transcript from Michael Crichton’s great talk about the ossification of science into religiosity from his talk to U-Cal students titled “Aliens Cause Global Warming”.

He holds up the famous “Drake Equation” that justified SETI to the most scathing ridicule, and blames the new science authoritarianism.

Cold fusion moves into mainstream (finally! Maybe Eugene Mallove did not die in vain):

Low-Energy nuclear reactions:

Fire From Ice, by Eugene Mallove:


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