Ayn Rand hated God: Was there some occultism hidden there somewhere?

In my opinion, Ayn Rand was a great wordsmith and hid her worst motivations behind subtlety. In John Galt’s rant against God’s dealings with Adam and Eve in the Garden, in my opinion, she let slip a peek into her real motivations. (Those complaints match the doctrines of declared, outed, overt self-described organized Satanists. Who claim they are not a religion or religious, and who not only deny being “mystical” but publicly condemn what they call “mystical” beliefs.)

Even in her championing of selfishness, though, there were two huge irrational jumps. She tried to bring motherly love under the “selfish” banner, for example, and even said altruism was selfish because it made the giver feel better. Logically that’s a veiled way of saying everybody’s selfish, and that in turn is a way to make somebody feel less guilty about being selfish.

But Ayn Rand let loose cannon-sized blasts against “giving”.

But defining every single thing under the sun that a human can do as selfish is the same thing as saying the word has no meaning at all, since there is no longer any way to distinguish it from anything else.

I think Austrian economists like von Mises and Rothbard (by the way, both were atheists) make no such determination (as part of the economics, anyway) but rather say rather realistically that there’s no way to make the distinction, all you can do is observe “human action”.

But Ayn Rand, having made everybody feel better about selfishness or being selfish, goes on then to condemn charity outright, and rightly blame the cultural valuation of charity on Christianity and on God.

Seeing that Ayn Rand was by no means stupid or lacking in logical faculties, it is impossible for me to avoid the speculation that her writings on freedom for capitalism –and of course selfishness– is subordinate to her blasts against God and against “charity”.

But there is no way to avoid the God she hated, nor the laws of the universe he established. “Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.”-Proverbs 21:13 The same book of books also says “Thou shalt not steal”. So the Bible is talking about voluntarism, but even though the free will he gave us leads to selfishness, He also made us to feel better when we help somebody.


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