What is God’s scripture say about governments?

The standard of THE Truth is God’s word, and God’s word points to the individual as the center and pivot and where his concern concentrates for salvation.

Romans 13 is the scripture most used by Christian government apologists for the welfare/warfare/sin-banning state, but those mandates for Christians apply to the governments that earn a Romans-13 status through their protection of Christians. D. C. long ago told God to get lost and started pushing God out of government and banning them from sharing their faith.

So the imperial capital in Washington, D. C. has lost God’s protection and so has “America” for letting it all happen and for violating the Golden Rule and for all its welfare and oppression of the poor.

Jesus lashed the money changers out of the temple at the painful end of a nasty whip he made himself for maximum punishment. Congress invited them to take over the country in 1913 and put the devils themselves in charge of the entire economy.

Romans 13 disqualifies the US as such a government. So does 1 Peter 2. Today’s governments all around the world, including the United Nations, does not punish evildoers but makes them our rulers and kings.

Ayn Rand was influential in her book, but von Mises was already writing his stuff, and Rothbard after him. The CHRISTIANS in America became rich and increased in goods and fell to what Solomon fell too, thinking they had no need to desperately seek God on matters of war and “the state” and they fell under the spell of 501c(3) and IRS muzzles.

So since Christians abdicated their duty to seek God on the matter, they didn’t even blink at the false balance of the Federal Reserve and then Roosevelt’s gold confiscation and then Nixon’s coup de grace against economic sanity. So God had to raise up a few atheists to hold the educate until “the Remnant” catches up, as Ron Paul calls them.

When the “elders of Israel” demanded a king, God said they had rejected him. Each of us has to answer to God, atheists and Christians alike. Put not your trust in man, whose breath is in his nostrils.

The laws of Moses banned government altogether by omission and they did perfectly fine with mutually agreed arbitration. Often the men God rose up that drove out oppressors and invaders did it. Other times it was priests. God let them have a king to keep them from melting into irrevocable paganism, and to preserve the messianic line, and to show us through the histories and poetic books and the prophets that man is a mess AND NOT EVEN THE RELIGIOUS or devout can be trusted to rule righteously over others.

Atheists have their own examples of the same thing with the most brutal and murderous regimes of all history, with Hitler and Stalin both, though Hitler had a touch of occult paganism, Alice Bailey and all that, and the old Germanic gods. Pol Pot, Mao, Kim il-Sung.

Something is off with Ayn Rand, I think she was there to give free market defenders an alternative to Christianity but her anti-God rant in the mouth of John Galt’s pronouncements had nothing to do with freedom from socialism, and taints it all.

Rothbard was upset with the anti-God fanatics among Ayn Rand’s followers and many libertarians. But wer are many. Satan showed the Lord ALL the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time and said they were ALL his and Jesus quoted no verse contrary to that. All of that is not worth our souls.

In Matthew 17 you can real what Jesus thought of taxes (“tribute”). Render unto Caesar every coin he made with his stolen conquest spoils? He paid the taxes so they wouldn’t bother him, so he could go on and fultill the scripture.

His kingdom is not of this world. Jesus does not convert by sword, he converts by reason. He does not even try to eliminate sin by stoning the adulterous woman, the laws of Moses and the Pharisees of the Old Testament proved that it is impossible. “Neither do I condemn thee”. That’s why the Alexandrians corrupted their texts of the story and left that part out. Nowdays, Christians want condemnation for drug use, adultery, and all that by the force of Ceasar’s law.

“Oh, Pharoah, please protect us”. “Oh Caligula, please protect us”. “Oh Obama, plead our case with Sudan”. HOW’S THAT WORKIN’ OUT FOR YA? Lord, help us and show us the wisdom of scripture.


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