Do copyright or patents really reward the real creators?

Gary Kildall and the PC Operating System Well sure they are the new Microsoft/Oracle “Intellectual Property” trolls. They always have been. Microsoft was/is just more honest in their dishonesty.

They don’t care about the constitutional purpose of copyright and patent. The constitutional purpose has a contrary effect, like most other government inventions do. (Minimum wage for the poor merely creates more poor at the bottom of the pay scaled while inflation (currency devaluation) robs all of us of the purported and self-vanishing “benefit”.

Anyway, Microsoft own the intellectual capital, so-called, of its creative employees. Google lets its developers lots of free range creation but owns the fruits. Hollywood Music industry signs up nobody music makers under onerous terms that leave them doing concerts later on to pay their bills. Go read Courney Love’s rant about that.

Ideas can be atomic (water freezes at 32 F) or complex (computer operating systems). They are ideas or collections of ideas or groups of ideas that in conjunction do fancy things (like radio). The patent office and the courts trying to find a “natural” standard will never ever work. It’s all arbitrary.

So Kildall, the grand-daddy creator of the original PC operating system, CP/M, of which most of the rest are clones with stuff piled on top, except maybe for IBM’s OS/2. Tesla was robbed by politically protected companies in the U. S. A. and the US government and courts of the credit due his own work until long after he was gone and his name still has difficulty getting into the history books. Tucker and his Tuckermobile are only remembered today by those who happened to see the movie “Tucker”.

Time to end this charade and set the economy free and stop granting government monopolies. It’s dead anyway, and individuals are discovering the joys of sharing knowledge and ideas freely. And the benefits. Government granted monopolies only create new opportunities out of the box, but we’d get much more of that without the government suppression of the benefits.


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