Some big bankers: Punish bad people, not companies

‘SOB’ bankers should be punished: Wall St watchers:

…..While Ellis took a harder tone, he did note that most people on Wall Street are ethical. “It’s a very small fraction of people, and usually with a very small fraction of their time, that did things that were really crummy,” he said.

Still, Ellis was highly critical of certain behavior before the financial crisis. “We have had some real SOBs,” he said….

Well, it’s always thus.

But why just banks? Corporations are creations of “the state”, creations of governments. So when corporations grow in power and influence over a country’s economy, it’s the people who crave political power who are also riding piggy-back on them.

So instead of pretending that companies make bad decisions, which is really a hit on the stockholders, which like one of the Wall Street “watchers” quoted in the article at the above link, why not direct the punishment at the people who did the deed?

There are some of the demonstrators and jokesters who marching say they’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one of them. Maybe the American people should have roared and demanded that they execute those banking corporations that suffered from their own evildoings on Wall Street. That would have punished some of those bad guys too, going down in the same ship.

Actually, they could have let them all go bankrupt like they did Lehman Brothers.

But wait, Americans did indeed roar. They roared back to naught effect, because the government is no longer “We the people”.

How did they bail them out? Before answering that question, let’s say a matter of who bailed them out. The only way to escape bankruptcy for those Wall Street banks was to either somehow stiff the creditors, or for somebody to infused a lot of cash, a great amount of cash, into their coffers.

The problem with that first solution was that a great deal of the debt these banks had accumulated was owed to each other. So stiffing their creditors was not an option. None of the financiers had a positive balance sheet, the whole gang of money changers was in on this thing, so they couldn’t find enough cash.

So where do you get a whole bunch of cash when there isn’t any anywhere to be found on the scale you need to bail out all the bad guys?

Why, you go to the boys that caused all this mess in the first place, who set the thing in motion, the only people in the nation, perhaps the world, who can “print” counterfeit money, whether electronic or on paper. You go to the Federal Reserve.

They “print” the money, or create it by pressing the Enter button on a keyboard, and there you go guys.

$17 TRILLION DOLLARS, just like that.

For years they refused to tell us, you know, “We the People”, who they gave that money to.

And the left-fascists demand to know the donors to “right-wing” groups? Here we have a major money-making enterprise, operating in plain view, that any other group of people would go to prison for. Anybody else does it, they call it counterfeiting.

And if any corporation ever dared to do what the Federal Reserve did to save the necks of the bad guys on Wall Street -and remember, their own necks too– the offending corporation would not be the only one to pay.

Forget about only the companies paying in that case. The same gang that empowers the Federal Reserve counterfeiting operation, the one that supports the spending in the Capitol that robs value from every dollar held by every household in the USA, that same gang would get the prosecutors to make the individual people pay.

So it’s a matter of whether you belong to these Insiders or not, it’s looking like, and it has absolutely nothing to do with “equal under the law” or the “rule of law”, even if they themselves are making the rules!

And by the way, every U.S government dollar spent that it does not get by honest taxation, robs not only Americans of value but every other person in the world in possession of dollars. That includes, of course, other nation-states, who after Bretton Woods have made the dollar their reserve currency for international trade.

So what’s happening now? Those nations are now beginning to find ways to get out from under the economic subservience to the dollar. Their own rulers and ruling cliques and cabals and kings got rich, filthy rich, from the convenience of the de facto world currency and from dealings with others in the same system,plus the foreign aid that poured in through which they used to buy and sell and trade.

We find this enrichment of kinds and merchants in one place mentioned a long time ago.

Revelation 18: 3 For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

It’s time to make sure we have prepared, most importantly, according to John 3:16 and Romans 10:9-10.


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