Decriminalization of marijuana; what about the End of the New Prohibition?

Decriminalization of marijuana continues apace.

But they still have the harder drugs to continue giving headaches for my adoptive country of Honduras by marriage. Those cartels have been diversifying anyway, and cocaine has been their bread and butter.

Decriminalization will be a fantastic relief in Honduras when it gets here for those harder pharmaceuticals. I’m afraid that will take too much longer.

The administration of the current president Juan Orlando Hernandez has been hitting at a lot of traffickers hard, and he’s arresting anybody, as my wife puts it. Rich guys (even from the topmost families), diputados. The head of Social Security fled into hiding to escape arrest for robbing money from the budget, but he was captured in Nicaragua and returned to Honduras. The former would-be dictator-for-life Manuel Zelaya escaped penalty for his crimes only by way of massive international pressure and threat to the country.

The left-fascist push in Latin America fell short in Honduras, because Honduras is poor but its inhabitants, rich and poor, are not so pliable as some other countries. They also had the example of Venezuela and Cuba to see what socialism does to a country. My wife was there during the 1980s and the country as a whole was glad to host the US base there. The Americans (Yankees) were invited in because the Sandinistas were already incurring into Honduran territory and the war threatened to spill over to their side. The Contras were also considered a buffer against leftist assaults. Sandinista government jets crossed into Honduran airspace at times.

My desire at this time though is a stop to all the “foreign aid” they’re getting. It’s hard to resist free money, but just as with lobbyist campaign donations in the U.S., foreign aid comes with strings and giving up of sovereignty by baby steps.


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