Racial harmony with the Prince of Peace: the Promise Keepers

Before Michael Brown, before Trayvon Martin, there was the “Knockout Game”, a suppressed story that every lame government-controlled news source censored, a whole lot of white people injured bad by blacks, with a few blacks thrown in for their perverted fun.

There was black-on-white mob violence. A couple of white reporters caught in the wrong place in one town in Florida, beat badly, and the newspaper refused to report the incident.

After Trayvon Martin, a lot of folks were savagely beaten, including one septuagenarian, across the country, and one or two killed outright, with epithets about Trayvon Martin. Guess the skin color of the victim and the color of the attacker.

During Jim Crow government laws, a few were abused by reason of their race. Crimes by whites against blacks were often covered up. Historical crimes against the Indians were censored in textbooks. Slavery was not covered up because slavery gave them an excuse for the brutalization of freedom by Abraham Lincoln’s war to enslave the free of the North AND the South in his tyrannical reign and an excuse for centralizing power in the national capital.

The most integrated moment in modern American history that showed harmonious cooperation among all colors of skin and people was the Promise Keepers, 100s of 1000s of whites and blacks in a rally together in Washington, D. C. Most people reading this never heard of it. You’ve heard of the Black-Muslim organized so-called “Million”-Man March because a black-superiority group organized it.

The Promise Keepers was a Christian group, which is why the fascist left “liberals” in the Press condemned it like no other, because of the Christianity. They used the collectivist-feminist theme for the condemnation. I’ll bet you the wives of those guys, especially the dark-skinned wives, were a lot happier with their husbands than the wives of those anti-Christian demagogues, because their central emphasis was on making those wives happy.

My sons played in a mostly Hispanic team in an Optimist-Club organized youth soccer league when they were younger. One match was played against a team in a black area. One of the guys on that team got mad they were losing, disappeared during play and returned with a mob of his buddies. My sons’ team left fast.

Racism? The most active movement against racism in India where the race-based caste system is illegal but very much present, is driven by Christian missionaries and Christians within India itself. The fiercest enemies of the Christians there are Hindu gurus, who are getting angry that so many untouchables are open to the message of “No Greek or Jew” in Christ Jesus. They are also upset because Brahmans and people of all castes in between are receiving this message.

The Internet attributes the following quote to the Bantu, but I read once that an Indian chief once said it, “At first we had the land and the white man had-the Bible. Now we have the Bible and the white man has the land.” Christians throughout the ages have shown that they got the better deal. “A man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things that he possesses”.


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