The depopulation meme

Facts are your friend for finding truth.

On the surface, the “world government in formation” would want to control the resources produced by a larger population; certainly they would prefer the USA surrender whole rather than have a war against them. But warped minds want sacrifice.

As to culling, this is one of the purposes of several “ruling elite” initiatives pushed hard by them in the most recent couple of centuries:

#1. abortion (I call it prenatal infanticide)
#2. the idea of “overpopulation”
#3. the Gaia push, related to (2): walking environmentalism toward radical culling:
a. Ted Turner wants to eliminate 90 percent of the population (some people ask, Can we start with him?)
b. Some radical earth-worshipers want enough human sacrifice to bring the population back to 300 million
c. the Georgia Guidestones: “maintain humanity under 500 million”, a target of some “environmentalist” groups
d. the push to convince women of childbearing age to engage in other activities instead, make mothers feel incomplete
e. media propaganda against the traditional nuclear family, mother and father raising children f. the push for war and more war
g. the darwinian push for eugenics (conversation now restarted by Dawkins, et. al.)
h. the Satanist doctrine, as told by defectors to Christianity and other more rational ideologies, of a limited finite “psychic energy” available for distribution among humans; less population, more energy for each (the Highlander series featured this)
i. References to humans by elites as a “plague” upon the earth, a “virus” making “Mother Earth” sick, etc. j. Vaccines
k. DDT ban


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