Get out of dying churches with their buildings

My answer to a lament about diminishing church membership from dying groups in England and the lack of men in the membership…

“Set yourself on fire and people will come out to see you burn”. (I doubt the first person version was accurate.

As to the practical matter, it sounds like there are two things hindering growth.

One is, the focus on numbers. Forget the numbers. If you are excited about the answers we have in Jesus Christ to every single problem in the universe, spill it to everybody you come in contact with, go out to the highways and byways.

Two, Go out and see who in England or elsewhere is winning souls for Christ. Growing numbers are a sign, but not the end in itself for a soul that loves Christ. Some numbers can be a good measure of success, but the “why” is more important.

Three, Each one teach one.

Four. Is there anybody left with children? Train up those children. Every day. Make them memorize verses, preferably from the most reliably translated KJB, with the strongest and most spiritual language. Even if you’re not KJBO, remember that making the language conform to “street level talk” also brings it down a notch. —> That is another strength of the KJB over today’s modern versions. Besides the deliberate candence and poetic tone of the language.

Again, what congregations are growing in numbers? Numbers aren’t the goal, but as long as their techniques don’t make them just another social club, the methods may be repeatable.

Visit the sick and the infirm. Go start a ministry, a new group.

Expect miracles of all kinds. God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. Look like a live one! I differ with some on this forum on this, but my reading of the Bible says the gifts and callings of God are without repentance. But a saved soul is quite a gift.

Next, search out your own heart. Jesus said, Ye must be born again. It’s more than an intellectual aha moment, it’s an encounter. Bring people to a decision.

Last but not least, in my opinion, Almost all denominations today, almost all religious Christian organizations in the West, are dead and dying. The death is by means of declining numbers, but also in terms of dying spiritually. Meetings are by rote. Some TV healers disgust me to regurgitation with their fake facade, their prayers are abominations and a stench in God’s nostrils.

Drop out of your dying denomination. There are certain verses on organization, and men in the church, but the best use of “women must keep silence in the church” is for Jezebel types and rebellious wives. Like one pastor and writer speaking at a church once, rebuking the congregation for neglecting the Great Commission command, and that church’s pastor began interrupting. He said later he realized at that moment why God put that verse in there, because he quoted the verse with authority and she did shut up after that.

But a godly woman can go out and win all kinds of people for Jesus. And Jesus never, ever, told his disciples to go out and build church buildings. In fact it seems it took a couple of centuries before the early Church began building them, starting out with taking over the pagan temples and converting them.

Some of the other KJBO’s say you don’t have a church if there are no men or men in charge, but you still have “Where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them”.

By the way an archaeological dig few years agone uncovered one of the earliest apparent church buildings. The floor at least. A mosaic of a FISH.

The fish symbol was a reference to being FISHERS OF MEN. We don’t ((or shouldn’t) worship the cross. We worship a living God, and Son of God risen from the dead.

Drop out of the denomination, just start finding new receptive hearts. Do like the old joke about the womanizer who doesn’t mind getting nine slaps on the face for his propositions to get to the tenth one that says Yes.

The apostles lived together and had all things common, but the idea was not voluntary socialism but to preach the Gospel.


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