What’s worse than Judge Casey’s “worse than rape” charge? The PERsecution of Kent Hovind…


At the link above is a list of facts that demonstrate that the judge that presided hates Christians, the two federal prosecutors were a pedophile rapist and the wife of a husband who was on the same child pornography list that got a judge prosecuted and convicted for child pornography.

The trial itself is a list of violations of due process, prosecutorial abuse, offical jury tampering, eight years for a charge that millionaires get a few months for on average, and now that his sentence is nearing its end, they have charged him for filing papers that defend the process of his appeal. They have prosecuted him for informing potential buyers of the property that the government stole from his ministry and from him, that the properties are still under legal dispute.

That’s not fraud, because he is still disputing the first charge, going through the appeals process.

Christians cannot depend on their pastors to initiate any protest on this. The same tax system holds them prisoner to their dictates and to their capricious and malicious attitude toward any who dissent. They are selling the truth for the pot of IRS 501c(3) exemption porridge.


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