Republicans and Democrats, so different?

Are Republicans and Democrats, in what they do, so different?

Both parties have fought against auditing the Federal Reserve.

Both parties have fought attempts to stop the massive spying on all Americans.

Both parties voted in Congress and signed TARP into legislation, a gigantic money giveaway to the richest criminals in the nation, in the most bipartisan (altogether now) legislation ever.

Both parties join in the sacking of the economy for their pork projects, and most of them leave magnitudes richer than when they went in. Both “sides of the aisle” cooperate in legislation they tell us is to take the money out of political campaigns. What they don’t tell us is that the purpose is to cut the financing of opponents and stay in office and keep the gravy train.

Both parties denounced Larry Abraham, while they spent the money he had given them.

Neither party exposes how the Federal Reserve robs wealth from the poor and lower middle class by inflation, and how it puts money into the hands of whoever the Fed favors with bond purchases (aka “quantitative easing”, aka “printing money”, aka “money creation”).

Both parties have quashed any serious official investigation into JFK and MLK and RK murders.

Both parties have raised the budget, the debt, AND the deficit in a progressive upward curve ever since the Federal Reserve was legislated in 1913, and especially after the middle of the 20th century.

They have both let the income tax mostly go up and up, until the middle class is feeling a crushing burden. Republicans have no problem with welfare programs, because they leave them in place every time they have “power”, and add their own programs, such as George W. Bush and his vast expansion of Medicare.

They both support massive NSA spying on all the citizens. They have nothing to stop it.

Both parties have continued to support drone strikes. Started under Bush, multiplied under Obama.

The Republicans support Obamacare, because they have rejected at least two opportunities since taking Congress to kill the funding for it. When they were the minority party, the cast dozens of votes for legislation killing it, going nowhere.

Both cover up for each other. Bush refused to prosecute the Clintons for anything. Obama refused to prosecute Bush for anything. All three are guilty of waging war without a constitutional declaration. Both parties supported undeclared wars initiated by each other throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. Obama expanded Bush’s wars. When Obama bombed the hell out of Libya while saying he didn’t have to consult no stinkin’ Congress, or even tell them what he was going to do. Bush at least told the Congress, promised to wait for UN permission, Dems pretended to believe him.

Both now support giving the president the option to order kills on Americans without trial.

Both parties support military equipment for police departments.

Both parties supported the war on drugs until Ron Paul exposed how it hits hardest on the poor and minorities. They both still support telling us what we can put in our bodies.

Both want to impose isolationist policies on nations around the world. Instead of decreasing intervention in the Middle East it expands. Instead of decreasing interventionism in Latin America, both increase it. Dems talk a good leftist talk but under the table tried hard to get Honduras to accept Manuel Zelaya’s auto-coup and counting frauds.

Both support American military bases in more than a hundred countries worldwide.

Both glorify the wars of the USA.

Both increase military spending almost continuously with a brief respite after Gorbachev pretended to dismantle Soviet imperialist intentions.

Both support wage price-fixing, with the so-called minimum wage, which keeps jobs out of the hands the poorest people, and the ones who most desperately need entry to work.

Both support continuing the indoctrination of children in whatever direction the “deciders” want.

Both support the efforts to make the United States a vassal state of the United Nations.


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