Obama using federal prosecutors as police state enforcers

And now it’s a “Democrat”!


No wonder the Dems fell in line with the medical industry takeover we now know as Obamacare. No wonder even the Republicans keep kicking the can down the road, although to be fair they do that when they have power too. No wonder everybody fell in line with the immigration thing, and the IRS thing, and the NSA thing, and the Syria false flag chemicals thing, and the Libya thing, and the drone thing, and everything else…

It is becoming increasingly terrifying watching who this administration targets using the legal system. Unable to consistently beat the right at the polls, the left has successfully figured out how to exploit the legal system to target conservatives, due in part to controlling much of the judiciary, large law firms, and state bars – over half of which are mandatory across the U.S. First, they used the legal system to target powerful conservatives like Dinesh D’Souza, Rick Perry, Tom DeLay, Bob McDonnell, Michelle Malkin and Ted Stevens. Now, having had some success pursuing those patriots, the left is moving on to purging those who aren’t completely lockstop in step with its totalitarian positions. Think they’re not coming for you next? Who’s next?

Even after Waco (an attack plotted under the first Bush regime), what, this is new? Certainly it’s of such magnitude it’s inescapable. This regime is accelerating the country toward the cliff.

And the Federal Reserve is preparing its favorite beneficiaries..


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