To the atheist libertarian

Atheist libertarian: If you respect the truly peaceful, then respect the fact that we who know the Bible is true and who preach the love of Christ and the power of his Resurrection, are also opposed to those who disrespect it, ==> religious or not <==.

if any nominally “religious” people or organization has misrepresented or misinterpreted “original sin” to justify coercion, there are declared and aggressive ATHEISTS and anti-religion activists have used atheism –mixed with a pretext of saving us from religion’s abuses– to abuse coercion for power and influence and to enforce their own ideologies.

And history shows that those who would protect us from “religion” abuse coercion much more so than the hypocrites who profess a nominal allegiance to a God of love that they obviously pay no heed to.

At least the atheist tyrants are more consistent with their own religious ideology and self-worship.

Tyrants use any handy excuse for propaganda. Sociopaths and narcissists use the language they grow up with. You use the culture and language you learned in schools where religious belief was expurgated, notwithstanding some diehard believers who hung on.

There is a convergence. I did not know there were truly “enlightened” atheists, as opposed to Ayn Rand’s deceitful so-called “enlightened” attitudes. Rothbard and now Walter Block have contradicted her irrational view of believers, especially Christian believers, based on history.

If you read their comments on the subject and references to the historical record, you understand a bit better why the diabolical global conspirators are attacking religious believers so much and suppress the news of atrocities against them so much.


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