“Science” is a concept, scientists are only human

I would offer one more small thought. One thing that should be clear if you’ve read von Mises, is that human action is not done in groups, and is applicable in all disciplines. In other words, for example, “economics” is one thing, and those who practice it are “humans” and all economic acts are human action.

People who have pro-government views enshrine it as some kind of entity that enforces its own ideology upon those who practice it. But government does not force the humans who act in it just by virtue of its professed ideology.

“Science” can no more make any scientist live up to the idealized perfect vision of those who glorify it than any concept or paradigm of “government” automatically transforms a human magically into someone who pursues truth any more than anybody else.

For a more expansive explanation by someone who is obviously not a creationist, look up Michael Crichton’s presentation titled “Aliens Cause Global Warming”. Scientists who are in charge of institutions of “science” today and in charge of the research moneys are obviously compromised by all tendencies of authoritarian-compromised institutions.

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