Organized and disorganized religion – By their fruits ye shall know them

What is the difference between “original sin” and “sin”?

Organized religion is more often bad than good historically, just like organized non-religion, organized religious opposition, and organized atheism. The worst of all was and is today organized atheist regimes.

And unorganized believers, including members of some small organized religious movements, have historically been the most targeted victims of coercive organized religions and even more so of coercive atheist regimes. North Korea and some Islamist countries are more dangerous for Christian believers than for anybody else, including atheists.

The Jesuits have not been so blatantly obvious, that much is obvious. A missionary companion and myself were once unwittingly led into a confrontation with one Jesuit priest, recently returned from Cuba (run by a Jesuit school graduate, just like Stalin, Krushchev, Pol Pot, Bill Clinton, and many more). That guy had the most diabolical spirit I’ve ever felt from someone, an aura of hate that was almost physically palpable.

Nonetheless, their founding mission was to restore Papal hegemony. They have never been faithful believers of the one who said “Love thy neighbor as thyself” and gave the example laying down his own life. But they tried to stop the increasing freedom from central command and control various times in various ways. The Gunpowder Plot is only an example. Large mainline Protestant organizations have not been much better. And the “mainstream Christian” media is rightfully regarded as the most fanatical Zionists and warmongers in the USA today.

But we freedom-minded Christian dropouts from this mentality are starting to rock their boats. I have warned fellow believers that America will fall. The Bible is the biggest blasting wind against these false shepherds. God gave word to Ezekiel against the priests who were worshiping the sun in secret and hiding their idols and abominations within, and Elijah was the Ahab and Jezebel’s biggest enemy of the state.

And in years to come, many gullible and malicious will join the hatefulness against Christians especially. “They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.”-John 16:2.


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