Government takeover of Internet with Big Corporate Cronies: Nothing neutral about it

Beware of government’s “gifts” to the poor, and Beware of government’s “fairness policies”.

Here comes the Unfairness doctrines on steroids. Libertarians, Christians, and conservatives will be muzzled.


The big monster Internet giants –Google, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and the rest– they were all up in arms and doing “community organizing” in their content against all those government takeovers.

Their silence right now is deafening.

The public wants to know: Did they fold for this one because it was a government decree in their favor, or were they told with one of those Patriot Act warrantless orders to shut up or else?

Probably a little of both. “Do no evil” becomes another government lie now.

Like the man said, the news is saturated with the big carrier names. The little ones are now squeezed even more. Gone now is what little competition that the ISP’s had.

A big part of this mess we owe to our own local towns who rushed to grant monopolies for cable companies way back when.

How’s this for another twist? A federal judge broke the AT&T (Ma Bell) monopoly into pieces because the technology had changed, so he said.

But AT&T was only a monopoly because they were already a really big company with a big lobbying presence.

Take note all you government intervention “net neutrality” con-game marks: AT&T got that way in great part through government anti-trust measures.

Here we go again. Technology has leapfrogged way past the 1984 technology that broke up the telephone utility monopoly.

Is that the secret national end-game? A utility monopoly?

Already with these compromised search engine company giants and social networking giants, they have already made it more difficult for minority and “unapproved” voices to be heard. I have had to click through or click around politically-motivated warning and blocking pages put up by Linked-in, Yahoo, and Google. Now they get extra power over content.

Are they going to apply “neutrality” on Google, or Yahoo, or Linked-in?

This is a back-door “unfairness doctrine” content control grab. The end draws near for the American Empire to give way to the very brief worldwide dictatorship that Christians have been anticipating for 2,000 years.

Like the one saying goes, “Jesus is coming back soon, and boy, is he mad!” He will fell the global dictator: “He shall fall, and none shall help him”.

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