FCC says free speech for me but not for thee

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, these had riches mostly based on government monopoly grants. Buffet’s geico apparently started with selling policies to military personnel. Gates counted on government copyright and patent monopolies to enforce “intellectual property” extortion income from the most brilliant geeks that could have toppled him from his top-cat perch. Zuckerberg maybe not so much. But if the government had allowed the Internet to grow organically from its pre-gov beginnings, who knows what would be possible? AOL was one of the last pieces to fail over to subjugation, when one federal judge in a very unmentioned decree said they could no longer charge per minute or hour because of an “overriding federal interest” in expanding the Internet.

Stephen Kinsella is right.

Nobody is allowed today to compete with the Internet giants. But just to make sure, yesterday the FCC said they are going to “regulate” the Internet like a “utility”. Balderdash! Maybe they will, when they feel like it!


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