An open mind follows the truth to Jesus Christ

The entrenched intellectual interests of today who own the most coercive institutions in our society, running the government-supported intellectual science journals and research money, are all Darwinians are “neo-darwinians”. There are even some compromised “churches” who enthusiastically endorse “Darwin Day”, a specific effort to convert Darwinism into a Biblical doctrine, as in “theistic evolution”, I suppose.

Me, I once was a Darwinian, but kept an open mind, and followed the evidence of history, science, prophecy through the lens of rational logic and reasoned thinking.

So it is not only “those who attempt to control us” but those who already control us who enforce Darwinian and materialistic universe and have no qualms whatsoever at using coercion along with stealth to do it. Hook and crook. Materialist philosophy, and the Darwinian myth were the first priorities when Mao took power in China.

This is the message of even the *truly* enlightened atheist libertarians today.

In the Reformation, the Magna Carta, in pulpits of the late 18th century, the preachers who took public lashings in Virginia rather than beg for a license to preach from the King’s governors, William Wilberforce, the Underground Railroad, David Livingston, St. Patrick, Martin Luther, the Christians of post-Christ Rome who preferred to become lion food rather than bow to a king who claimed godhood, the monk who died in the arena shaming Rome to give up gladiator spectacles, all these who were there at the most pivotal moments in the history of efforts to push back at violations of rights, these all invoked the “divine right” of the oppressed to be free of the oppression of the oppressors.

Again, it is “The love of Christ constraineth me” to support intellectual, political, social and economic freedom.


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