Paul Craig Roberts exposed: Hugo Llorens-Barak Obama left-fascist imperialism

Safariman commented on my previous post about Paul Craig Roberts’ egregious errors and his ongoing support for the leftist coup in Honduras in 2009 led by Manuel Zelaya.

He said:

You probably know that Hugo Llorens was a functionary in the US embassy in charge of evaluating Honduran funds requests after Hurricane Mitch. Zelaya was the chief intermediary for the Honduran Government. They developed a close friendship. Personal benefits could have played a part.

Actually, I wasn’t aware of that.

But more revealing are the cables that Mr. Llorens sent to Washington.

Read as follows from McClatchy’s web site, but keep in mind that this shows Hugo Llorens is a liar, because the complaints against Manuel Zelaya were FULLY aired and FULLY public in all the months that led up to the day of his arrest, and the order to arrest him came NOT from any military chief but from the Supreme Court, because he continued to ignore court orders. Zelaya was already acting like a dictator. The article at the link also reports the efforts by the very top US officials to stop efforts to restore Honduran sovereignty and efforts to protect themselves from Obama-Chavez intervention.

Big American Ambassador lie follows, as exposed by wikileaks:

<begin quote>

“Although a case could well have been made against Zelaya for a number of the above alleged constitutional violations, there was never any formal, public weighing of the evidence nor any semblance of due process,” said the cable, dated July 23, 2009.

Read more here:

</end quote>

Everybody, and that means EVERYBODY, in Honduras, on all sides, knew that Zelaya would have refused to cooperate with any trial of any kind, because he had already refused to obey a series of court orders from what he called “juecesitos”, which translated means something like “pipsqueak little judges”.

So the Supreme Court ordered his arrest.

Like Sydney Schanberg said in the movie “Killing Fields”, when the New York Times reporter received his an award for his reporting on Cambodia and the Vietnam War, it just shows the inhumanity of people in faraway places that take actions without regard to whether they live or die.

Such is the case in Honduras. Easy for the left-fascist demagogues to condemn Honduran efforts to defend itself. Those left-fascists have lots of money from the billionaire foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, and money launderers like George Soros who subvert governments everywhere.

But those who denounce rightist coups are quiet about the serial killings of reporters in Honduras who reported the truth, like the attempts on Karol Cabrera. Reporters Without Borders denounce so-called “rightist” detentions, but warn against “politicizing” the murder attempts on Karol Cabrera, who experienced the killing of a reporter colleague and a daughter right in front of her face. These were obviously attempts to suppress the reporting that would contradict the official imperialist condemnations of Honduras.

That leak show that Obama and Llorens fully supported the Chavez-Zelaya plans to install another left-fascist dictator in Latin America.


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  1. Safariman Says:

    Thank you for your insightful followup. I really don’t see how the left-fascist leaders gain the support in the media that they achieve. It’s a real battle to get truth into the light.

  2. elijah1757 Says:

    A typo head’s up…. “God and Magog” on

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