Honduras fought the international left-fascist cabal, and demagogues have fits

There goes Paul Craig Roberts again, showing he knows nothing about Latin Americans in general and most especially Honduras.

Manuel Zelaya was not the same thing as the Honduran government. He snarled and showed his fangs in Honduras and may have fooled the gullible readers of the corporate-government-media complex propaganda. He was a figurehead in an engineered coup.

What did George Soros say to the presidents at the Central-American-Caribbean presidential summit in his keynote speech in Santo Domingo in November 2008, away from the glare of reporters’ lights? Because Manuel Zelaya went straight back to Honduras and started his auto-golpe, his overthrow of his own government.

Well, his own government and the government of the people in this case, and the people’s representatives elected by the same people that elected him, that Congress kept passing laws making his tactics illegal. He ignored them so finally his own government’s ‘fiscal’, the attorney general, brought charges against him and got an arrest warrant.

The biggest problem the Honduran authorities had during 2009 was that the USA ambassador was supporting Zelaya’s auto-coup lifetime presidency putsch and helping him, even the night before plotting with him in the presidential palace what was supposed to be the piti-Chavez’s coup de grace in July of 2009.

In Honduras the Constitution says the Armed Forces are charged with helping the police when necessary, so they carried out the order of the Supreme Court.

Hugo Chavez WAS a dictator and a very present threat to Honduras in 2009.

And Obama TRIED to support the Zelaya dictatorship but Honduras said no. Obama and Clinton ordered Micheletti to resign and reinstate Zelaya and Micheletti said No. Greta asked what would change his mind and the mind of the Congressmen (elected by the same people that supposedly elected Zelaya), and the stand for freedom of ALL of the civilian society of Honduras.

There was a joke going around in Honduras those days: Zelaya has done what nobody else had every been able to do: He united Catholics and Protestants, rich and poor, campesinos and city dwellers, white collar and blue collar, businesses and workers. They ALL united against him and against the world. 😀

In the USA, Hondurans did not buy this baloney Paul Craig Roberts pushes, as if the CIA did it. I met Honduran-Americans that told me they would never make the mistake of voting for Obama again.

The same Yanqui Ambassador Hugo LLorens that helped the corrupt Zelaya dictatorship coup attempt, was also the Ambassador in Venezuela when Hugo Chavez pulled off his election coup there. And Paul Craig Roberts apparently is quick to forgive and forget a coup attempt if it’s left-fascists doing it. Does he so talk about Fujimori?

I know about Smedley Butler and Central America, and it’s true that the USA has gone from meddling and pushing for coups from the right, apparently to pushing for coups from the left-fascist elements, but with a new twist.

Now, when the USA pushes for leftist coups like with Hugo Chavez and Manuel Zelaya, they do it more quietly with the cooperation of the intimidated, subjugated left-fascist international governments-media corporate propaganda machine. Fabian socialism is having a coming-out party.

In Honduras the opposition to the international monster-machine was so overwhelming that they were able to push back.

The INDIANS NOT SPANIARDS that ran the military at topmost levels did not like the accusations from the WHITE LANDOWNER Manuel Zelaya’s camp that they had committed massacres that they sued and the head of the Armed Forces of those days, retired now, ran for president so he could defend himself. Just one look at him, and you can see he is as Indian as anybody.

Honduras is the only nation-state in Latin America I know of that names its currency for the INDIAN chief Lempira who died in war against the Spaniards. There’s the tell when somebody accuses white Hispanic elites this way applied to Honduras. They are demagogues.

Me, I want Americans out of Honduras. I want all the drug wars to stop. I want all aid from the US to stop. I want all loans to Honduras to stop. I already have my Honduran citizenship, I would not mind if the US got out altogether.

Now. The Hondurans invited the Americans to set up in the southern areas of Honduras during the Sandinista wars in Nicaragua, because the Sandinistas were already trying to take over some areas in southern Honduras, and of course at that time they felt safer. They are deceived by the same propaganda that Paul Craig Roberts is spouting against them, as if the USA diplomacy and secret operations support them.

The CIA could have saved a lot of money if they did. But the US diplomatic corps certainly was helping Zelaya. The ONLY reason the US restored aid was that they saw that the Honduran people were united against Zelaya and that the only way they could put the wannabe dictator back in power would be invasion. They didn’t want to invade, and Honduras was the first people to stand up to the left-fascist invasion of the continent.

They don’t want the poverty of Cuba or the poverty that Chavez caused in Venezuela. They’re poor enough already, NO thanks!


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  1. safariman Says:

    You probably know that Hugo Llorens was a functionary in the US embassy in charge of evaluating Honduran funds requests after Hurricane Mitch. Zelaya was the chief intermediary for the Honduran Government. They developed a close friendship. Personal benefits could have played a part.

  2. trutherator Says:

    Thanks, safariman,

    Your comment inspired another post, and I found out more about Hugo Llorens:


    I don’t think he’s ever married, so the “word on the street” in Honduras about his relationship with Manuel Zelaya’s son may be true.

  3. Safariman Says:

    Thank you for your prompt and insightful update. New material here; its a battle.

    Foreign aid? I agree it’s mostly negative. It encourages corruption and loss of self-sufficiency. Honduras is basically a rich country; lots of good land and unexploited natural resources. The “free trade” agreements are really managed trade agreements giving special benefits to select industries, and cutting the former supply of cheap and effective medicines from India.

    Here in Honduras, we need a liberated economy, with easy entry for would be businessmen. Growth would come quickly.

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