Christians and “Reconstructionism”

My reaction to an atheist who condemned “Abrahamic religions”:

My mention of him was just to demonstrate that your representation of why you are so prejudiced (pre–judged) about all those who adhere to “Abrahamic religions” by which I assume you include unorganized and anarchist believers like myself who totally adhere to the NAP, because you made no distinctions.

And I DO oppose that, and so do ALL of the Christian libertarians I know.

And I notice that while that the article considers Christian libertarians as a laughable concept. That kind of thinking is as dangerous as supporting Israel because you should “always take the side of the civilized man against the savage”. A clear and present danger to freedom, with Pamela Gellar a prime example. With the savage tactics perpetrated by the SECULAR collectivists who were the engine of the Zionists, it makes me wonder what will happen if the haters of “Abrahamic religions” who call themselves libertarians will do to Christians.

So my reaction to your irrational slur and collectivist thinking (grouping almost all of today’s monotheists as if they were so homogenous) has been to point out what you seem to be finally admitting. That there are plenty of us libertarian Christians around. Truly libertarian who oppose any violation of the N. A. P.

And you linked to a Reason article. I’ve noted that their writers have cheered a lot of statist legal dictates that extort money from us to support actions we oppose subsidizing. Gay marriage, non-discrimination laws, and the like. I’m surprised they haven’t come out in favor of sending women into combat.

And they apparently have no qualms about supporting violations of the N. A. P. when the baby is still a helpless infant inside the womb. That is not a religious issue, as demonstrated by the fast-growing Internet presence of “godlessprolifers” and atheists against abortion.

And listen to this. I hold to the N.A.P., I oppose ALL violations of the non-aggression principle, NOT “in spite of”, and NOT “in addition to”, but because “the love of Christ constaineth me”. Every wife-beater deserves a beating. Every rapist deserves punishment in kind. I oppose all statism, more so than Ayn Rand or anybody at Reason Magazine, because I oppose government monopoly grants of ANY kind. I respect the NAP more than they do because I apply it to ALL human beings including the victims of intra-womb dismemberment.

I also agree that organized religion in the US and elsewhere has always been used by the state and it is a horrendous thing in the USA today especially, with all its militarism. Foreign ideas have infiltrated of all kinds including occultism, Darwin Day, Rick Warren’s kissing up to both candidates and following the winds of statist promotion of “gay issues”. By the way, the promotion by the state of “same-sex equality” is a kiss of Judas, the same as past state support of religions has been.

I also oppose very LOUDLY every chance I get very actively in other forums this tendency. I also oppose the use by the state and of the state to support the muzzling of Christians in their free exercise and speech. Atheists are not immune to using the state and lending themselves to the state and statism for their own misguided purposes, and historically have proven more so.


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