Christianity: Best thing for women

Libertarianism may attract racists, but it also favors the victims of racism.

If absolute freedom of assembly means letting racists do business only with those they prefer, then it means the same thing for the people they refuse to do business with.

“Ask a former slave about the importance of controlling his own body and property. Ownership is control not merely of property but of life itself.” – See more at:

One of the Discovery channels gave an example of exactly that in one specific chimp tribe, where one male chimp kept going after one favorite female with a baby, bringing gifts. Except in that case the female didn’t like him and slipped away.

As to the accusation against “Abrahamic religions”, this is another example of winner-written history’s historical and archaeological ignorance. The violence of ancient pagan cultures fell heaviest on the women without question. If you’re going back to the Origins narrative of Genesis for your twist, consider that the original idea was also “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24) WIFE not “wives”. Polygamy came in later generations.

It’s another slanderous myth taught by the militant anti-Christian atheist factions. Even my fanatically gender-feminist sister acknowledges that women were brutalized in almost all the societies that surrounded the “Israelites”.

Unfortunately, the myth gets traction because (1) religious organizations and institutions suffer from the same human maladies that accompany individuals everywhere else, and influence and power can attract the worst of us, and (2) Biblical Christianity exposes many of those very human weaknesses.

Deborah led the army into battle to repel attackers. Her main man, a “general”, Barak, refused to lead the army unless she led it in person. The subtext was that they trusted her more than him for this.

Pagan prostitute Rahab was a hero at Jericho and got mention in the (Ha ha “patriarchal”) line of Christ’s genealogy.

Ruth the Moabitess too.

In Proverbs 31, the breadwinner-wife is lifted up as a paragon of virtue.

Prophetesses figure prominently in many of the Old Testament historical and prophetic books. To fix another myth about the Bible (held by many Christians too): In one passage, to fulfill a female’s prophecy, a group of prophets arranged a “went in unto her” occasion! (God snuck that one in there to befuddle the more sanctimonius).

In the Gospels, it was women who first met the resurrected Christ.

Verses in the book of Acts show that women travelled with Paul’s band.

Two young prophetesses warned Paul himself against returning to Jerusalem and inspired pleas from everyone to him to stop.

Joan of Arc is a double whammy against myths. She said her visions were of God, and led men in battle to drive back the English, and was burned at the stake by patriarchists.

Some will point to Roman Catholicism. They have a point there, but not against a –true– “Abrahamic” religion, at least not a Biblical one, because the establishment of male-only cleric-rule was introduced centuries later. It probably is a vestige of the pernicious and blasphemous Gnostic influence of the time which has now resurged more recently among atheist anti-Christian rants and all those risible “new discoveries” that they say upset the Bible. After all, in Dan Brown’s historically stupid novel, he lifted up one of those rejected books as a “feminist” book. He plays on ignorance of his audience, because they don’t know that that very book says that women cannot enter into Heaven. That’s right it says cannot.

That rule, plus the celibacy command, had more to do with expanding political power for the secular structure. Human factor and power again.

St. Patrick’s disciples in Ireland for several generations formed “monasteries” of men, women and children together, and women often were the leaders in those. (Another item hidden by the winner-historians)

In one counseling question put to me by a couple in dispute over who should be spiritual head of the household, I told them that in their specific case, the wife should clearly be the spiritual head. For Biblical reasons.

Now, with all of that said, there are natural differences between men and women, and there are millions of variations in both sides.

For example, the Marines have been trying –unsuccessfully– for decades to train enough females to pass their minimum requirements for ground infantry. A former supervisor, a left-leaning liberal who was in the National Guard for a time, told me she opposes women in combat. According to her, it’s the matter of the period. This is something that holds throughout time immemorial.

There are natural gender roles. Let us just reason rationally about it, agree that nothing should be coerced, and respecting the NAP, at least we’ll have peace about it. That way, the fear of coercive retribution for violating thought crime decrees will stop interfering with the discussion and what ensues.

Ask a former slave about the importance of controlling his own body and property. Ownership is control not merely of property but of life itself. – See more at:
Ask a former slave about the importance of controlling his own body and property. Ownership is control not merely of property but of life itself. – See more at:


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