Atheist government more dangerous than religious

It’s the political ideology of atheist regimes and atheist ideologies that have been MUCH more dangerous to atheists in the real world than religious people, even pagans. But to group all “religion” (presumably beliefs in God) as one and blame them all for the sins of individual actors within any one of them is to suffer the very sin of your accusation: using their religious ideology as justification for blaming them for evil. 

And you owe the Christian activists of the Reformation era for relaxing the Papist political control over Western societies. 

You should include all the followers of Ayn Rand into your pejoratives, by the way, by HER OWN mouth. She herself said her philosophy was a religion of self-worship. At least Christopher Hitchens, often a guest at Reason Magazine (???), talked about the obvious differences in the practices of different “religions”. 

It was gangs of self-identified atheists that caused the coining of the new word genocide, after all, on an unprecedented scale. 

Memo: My unorganized religious faith is now rooted in Biblical truth, not patriarchy, and I got there using the God-given faculties of reason, based on history, facts, science, archaeology, and fulfilled prophecy. Any “religion” or “faith” that is based on “say-so” or “just because” is built on shifting sands. That’s what atheism is built on, in my opinion. 

At least the religion-bashing is based on shifting sands. Even smart guys who try to reason it out like Christopher Hitchens have to make the most oxymoronic (even moronic!) statements like blaming historical Christianity for Stalinism! I did not make that up!

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