Do our governments really protect us or take care of us?

The general population today is not ready for the idea of governing themselves, or the idea that they do not need any government to “protect” them or take care of them.

Most people think we have to have a government (I used to be one) like the lady who always had the butcher cut off a 1/3 of the big ham she always got. He did a little digging and found out it was because her Mom and the granny always did. He did more digging, and found the Mom always did it and the Mom did it because Granny always did, and Granny did it to make it fit into her pot at home and couldn’t afford a bigger pot!

Education will come first. For now Ron Paul surely knew he would never be allowed to get nominated, let alone be elected president of the USA.

Consider this, though. The situation right now is, to paraphrase, “the weak (whether intellectually gifted or not) [have already] become subordinate to the physically strong and morally bankrupt.”

That’s because in any kind of territory where virtually everybody accepts one gang or institution with a monopoly on the use of force, of whatever form, it is the morally bankrupt most of all that rushes to rule. For example…

Nixon: “If the president does it, that means it’s legal”. Clinton’s dalliances and hubris. Bush and the Patriot Act (spy on you) and useless wars that made it worse. Obama with all that and much worse than Bush. Arrests of reporters. Spy on you, on everybody. Drones killing bad guys at wedding parties. Drones on the 16-year old son of a bad guy sipping coffe with friends. Atty General Holder refusing to admit that the federal government cannot legally order a kill on an American citizen on American soil without due process.

Pause. Dwell your mind on that. It took a filibuster of 13 hours to make Eric Holder finally acknowledge they have no legitimate authority to order a drone or a kill on anybody (for example, YOU) on United States soil, sitting at a cafe, sipping coffee.

You think you have “democracy”, or you might think a little deeper from civics class and think “republic”. But your president, from before Nixon to now, thinks he can order a kill on you where you sit just by declaring you a threat to (his own) national security.

That’s just the presidents. Think Congress. The IRS makes up rules and breaks them as it goes its merry way just because it wants to, and because the kind of people that become IRS agents are the kind that like the idea of being the ones that “enforce the law”, gun in hand. They’re not all like Joe Bannister, who turned it all in when he became convinced they were illegitimate.

Congress could STOP the deficit RIGHT NOW by just refusing to spend more money than they take in. CONGRESS created the IRS based on an apparently fraudulent declaration that the 16th amendment was ratified. CONGRESS sets the parameters because it likes that money and that power and they use it to get elected, giving out money to supporters.

CONGRESS could pass a law to shut down the Fed. But they prefer the carrot (benefits) and to avoid the stick (consequences like JFK’s) rather than do what’s right.

JUDGES appointed by the Presidency and ratified by Congress have never acted like they were a genuinely independent branch. They make rulings to take the heat off the power-hungry politicians. Rulings like gay marriage when people don’t want their extorted tax money supporting it.

Rulings like the Chief Justice Roberts’s on Obamacare. Most people think he was going to rule against it but changed his mind. Myself, I think something different, and I think that’s why he chose to wrote the majority opinion, and I think that’s why he wrote it the way he did. First part: “I know this personal mandate is unconstitutional”. 2nd part: “I’m going to switch words in the law”. 3rd part: “I’m ruling unconstitutional is constitutional”.


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