American Inverventions are failing everywhere– No more war!

The United States delivered a blow against the Taliban and al Qaeda both after the towers fell, and could have declared victory and left. That would have been a boost in morale, respect worldwide, and meantime almost every nation in the world supported it.

Instead they stayed to nation-build, something GW Bush swore he would never ever do.

It did not work in Vietnam. Now the USA is the biggest trade partner with Vietnam.

American intervention failed miserably in Iraq. It failed because of what the CIA warned about: Blowback. That’s why George Tenet leaked all those disclaimers that warned us against going into Iraq, and that’s the message from the main CIA guy searching for bin Laden told every news program that invited him on.

American intervention failed worst of all in Libya.

American intervention has failed in Egypt. American intervention in Egypt was (quietly) in favor of the worst geopolitical enemies of the USA, just like intervention in Honduras was (quietly) also in favor of the worst geopolitical enemies of the USA. Mohamed Morsi said he was protected because Obama was “in my back pocket”. Socialist lifetime-dictator-wannabe Manuel Zelaya, Chavez puppet, tried an auto-coup and was dethroned, but the American Embassy did its best to support his fraud, stop his arrest, and then work with the Allende-socialist OEA Secretary General Insulza to demand –and work behind the scenes– to put him back in power.

American intervention is failing everywhere now.

It has had some pyrrhic successes, like the Spanish-American War, the ethnic cleansing of the Amerindian natives, the Honduras and Guatemala United Fruit interventions, the invasion of the Dominican Republic.

With the renegade alternative media that has broken out all over the Internet, now, they’re having trouble putting the demons they unleash back in the bottle. The news is out: BUSTED!

As we see in Libya, in Syria, in Saudi Arabia, in Iraq, in Iran, in Somalia, in Honduras, in Ukraine, all these interventions have nothing at all to do with democracy, or stopping an enemy the USA military could stomp out like a cockroach in two months if the American ruling cliques decided for real to do it.

The powers in the shadows that manipulated our *selected* representatives do not favor the USA at all. They began their overthrow of the USA in 1913 with the third central bank after two previous presidents (Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson) had killed it. Jackson called the bankers pushing it a “den of vipers and thieves”.

Most presidents have been Masons. As Masons rise in their levels, they learn their principles from “Morals and Dogma” by Albert Pike, who besides being a Colonel in the southern Confederacy, founded the Ku Klux Klan of the day.

Many recent presidents have been members of a very dark order, one that carries the deceiving name of a false label that means “enlightened”, but utilizes the darkest arts and the most evil occultism to accomplish its purposes.

Folks, it’s time for conservatives to join their fellow liberty-loving conservatives that are sick and tired of following along with these illusionist tricks.

America’s worst enemies are not overseas. Not for nothing the Founding Fathers of the United States –the ones that loved freedom– warned their descendants (you and me) against “entangling alliances” in foreign affairs, even while encouraging trade and commerce with any and all.


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