McCarthy was vindicated, Controlled Press changes history narratives

See the response to the attack by Edward Murrow from Joseph McCarthy, which is now available on-line (See the link below). As we see now, he was right, and he was vindicated by the Venona Papers released by Russia post-Glasnost.

Murrow was groomed in the government-media complex of the 1930s and 1940s, in which all the presstitute corps were required to be fans of “Uncle Joe” over there, who according to the New York Times at the time had a workers’ paradise going on. And there were no abuses.

Of course in true Orwellian fashion, after WWII, the FDR-era media image of a nice benevolent “Uncle Joe” went away, and so did all the historical memory of presstitute media ever praising him like they recently had.

McCarthy’s rebuttal is found here:

Needless to say, Murrow’s original broadcast and transcript, and his response to McCarthy’s rebuttal is easier to find in a web search than Joe McCarthy’s side of the issue. If you compare the two, however, avoided the actual accusations by making putting words in McCarthy’s mouth by way of slight misquotes so he could put down a straw man.

Murrow cynically used the questions about an Army Colonel to provoke patriotic reactions against McCarthy. The presstitute left-fascist press also persecuted into near-poverty the whistleblower that exposed traitor Alger Hiss. Alger Hiss was a confidant of FDR and helped architect the United Nations. He was fingered by a Soviet defector as a Soviet agent, and the Pumpkin Papers proved his Soviet agent credentials.

Ha. This man continued to be praised by all the usual left-fascists, except the repentant Whittaker Chambers who exposed him, and Richard Nixon. By the way, the American Communist Party later praised Nixon for implementing the Communist Party platform.


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