Alliance for Prosperity? Please, not with the US!

As an American-Honduran (citizen of Honduras by marriage), and married to my Honduran sweetheart, and having been a missionary in Columbia, this article is a based on a bunch of baloney.

The stabilization in Columbia is ALL the doing of President URIBE, and nothing to do with Bush or Obama or $9 billion. They’ve always had ‘aid”. The violence is NOT worse AT ALL in Columbia. ALL my Columbian friends say so, and URIBE is their hero. One friend told me that she was friends with a journalist who got pictures of US regulars training GUERRILLAS.

The best thing the USA can do for my new country of Honduras is End. All. Drug. Wars. Right. Now. That is what creates more violence that anything else, plus the AMERICAN-bred gangs that were deported to Central America.

The US Ambassador did his best to make sure dictator Zelaya succeeded in becoming dictator-for-life, and Hondurans said NO. They do not want to become another Cuba or Venezuela.

If Honduras prospers, I suspect it will owe more to the ZEDE plan that opens up special economic zones to investment and low taxation. And a safe business environment. That worked with the China Hong-Kong-replication plan, worked in other places.

God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.


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