Home school vs private schools vs government indoctrination

Two VERY GOOD reasons to protect parents to home school”: “H ome schooling is a great way of making sure kids have the very best attention. ….side however it is also good way for parents of certain persuasions to keep control.”

Remember this and let it sink way down throughout your subconscious and into your core brain zones: Our children do NOT NOT NOT! belong to the state. The kids belong to their families! The family is the best institution, together with religious fellowships, against the kind of state indoctrination that led to history’s worst organized tyrannies in the 20th century, organized state crime.

That’s why the more top-down and dictatorial and authoritarian the regime, the more it takes over the children. The more it has to spy on its own citizens, the bigger domestic security agency it has to have like Obama promised in 2008, the more it fuses local and provincial police force into top-down command structure, nationalized.

The government schools and colleges are there –on the darkest side of all– to indoctrinate the citizens into loving their government while calling it “my” country, to be good and obedient to what they’re told to do, and to help make sure they think the way they are supposed to. You think the rulership cliques push them to make them learn enough to compete?

Who the hell told you private schools “result in distraction and a hint of rebellion.”

Heck, take it from “the teacher of the year” John Taylor Gatto (PUBLIC school teacher of the year of course) in his speech tot eh Vermont Homeschooling Conference):

IN public schools, kids are taught their values and mores and what matters “on the street” from their peers, who are just as clueless. The most aggressive teachers of “how to deal with the real world” among those clueless peers are the worst of the bunch. I know because I ran with them before I had any sense, and I was supposed to be “gifted”. Ha!

Many who go to a government indoctrination center for their education grow up and do “okay” but by what perspective. Read John Gatto’s perspective on it. It’s true.

After all, the pledge of allegiance was written by an overt out-and-out socialist, specifically for indoctrination purposes. Betcha they never eliminated the pledge from all the schools. Our “official” rulers made the Star Spangled Banner the “national anthem”, with its images of battle, over the peaceful and inspiring “America the Beautiful”.


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