There they go, preparing for Revelation 13

The mark is sneaking up..

“Office puts chips under staff’s skin”

But we are not in darkness that that day should sneak up on us…

Did you catch the propaganda blast they did a few years ago, some family of four in Palm Beach County Florida, each of them with their reasons for trying out the embedded chip. It reminded me of some cheesy commercial.

In the town of Progreso, the telephone company (Hondutel) tried to change the area code to 666. The town revolted and made so much noise the phone company backed off. Maybe too because the mother of the guy than ran the phone company was an “evangelical”.

Local Christian radio guy played an audio of a preacher talking about the secret societies that have infiltrated power last couple of centuries, and he pointed out that the US did not join the League of Nations because Americans hated the idea of a world government because of the Biblical prophecies. Charles Lindbergh’s father was a voice of warning.


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