Holocaust continues

“Anti-Semitism” is a special term invented to raise up Jews over anyone else. The Armenian holocaust was bigger in terms of percentage of population, mass murder of Christians by Muslims, in the earliest 20th century.

The guy says there would be a media outcry if this anti-Semitism happened to any other group, but what he is ignoring is the fact that forty –count ’em, FORTY!– heads of state came to denounce the murder of the Jews and the provocative Hebdo magazine, and to precisely defend those who vilify Muslims.

I have always said that Israel is the biggest problem in the Middle East, but now American and Western power intrigues and US intervention has unleashed reactions that might seem to grow bigger. But just as Americans’ biggest problems, biggest enemies, are domestic, they have that same problem “over there”.

American interventions have caused blowback that has overthrown the three of four regimes that are the most protective of its Christians. (That’s counting Jordan as one). You can now count Yemen as one that was pushed.

The Christians that actually live “over there”, when they get a voice, denounce the American interventions, like the Syrian woman who blasted McCain for supporting al Qaeda’s allies in Syria. Republican, Democrat, it doesn’t matter to these manipulators.

Gypsies, Christians, Armenians, Ukrainians, and wait. The biggest holocaust is now worldwide with the reintroduction of child sacrifice in the West, with 57 million babies killed while still in the womb since the murderous decision of 7 justices of the US Supreme Court to open the doors to a waiting abortion industry started by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who praised Hitler’s race purification programs.

He did mention the persecution of Christians, I read later..

Holocaust is still here. Holocaust hustlers still condemns Christianity for it, despite the 18 million soldiers and sailors and flyers, almost all of them Christians, to fight their persecutors and their allies, millions of them giving their lives for it, and despite all the Schindlers and the Corries and Dietrich Bonhoeffers. Their disinformation agents still try to promote the myth that Hitler was Catholic.

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