Governments lie, especially yours, wherever you are

But you can certainly count on one thing shown historically: Governments, including our own, cannot be trusted to be truthful. They can be counted on to be the biggest liars on the biggest issues, like

the Spanish American War (Battleship Maine),
Tesla patents (robbed for Marconi and post-humous reversal), Pearl Harbor (their code was broken two months before and other evidence), Vietnam War (Gulf of Tonkin),
the Federal Reserve Act (1913,
promising that only millionaires would be taxed), Iraq War (WMDs), Waco (guns all legal, only did it for the kids, blah blah),
2008 bailout giveaways to Wall Street in a blatant in your face reverse Robin Hood,
Campaign Finance Reform is to get money out of politics (it was to increase lobbyist payouts), If you like your plan you can keep your plan,
Obamacare will reduce the deficit,
Libyan government targeting civilians,
No nation-building (GW Bush)…
Syrian government used chemical weapons,
“moderate” Syrian rebels,
IRS abuse,
..And plenty more, interminable….

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