Two sides; and remember, Latin Americans hate socialist dictatorship too

BUT remember that the Iran-Contra stories are not just a one-sided simple good-guy and bad-guy scenario.

There were real people on both sides, and there were real people in my wife’s country of Honduras who had very real-world and reasonable fears of invasion from their southern borders. In fact, during Somoza’s rule, Panama strongman warned Somoza that if they were to incur into Costa Rican territory chasing the Sandinistas, Panama would send troops to repel them.

When the Sandinistas took over in Nicaragua many Hondurans were appalled at the socialist and autocratic turn it took. Their most famous hero, Eden Pastora aka Comandante Zero, quit the regime when he realized he was not allowed power to push back against dictatorship, and formed a new guerrilla force to bring down the Sandinistas in turn. He blamed the bomb that nearly killed him, however, on the CIA not the Sandinistas. That’s a real quirk in the narrative that blames everything bad on the spy agency, because they were purportedly trying to bring down Ortega.

The US may have poured help to the Contras, but here again, there are real people who are affected, and not all of them like socialism. In fact, a LOT of the poor hate the idea of such total control over them trying to do business, their cousin with a little corner store, for example. They’re not all stupid like you might think. Socialist revolutions are started, grown, cultivated, funded, and run by the super-rich, after all.

The left-right political divide is only a psychological trick to get people to accept dictatorship of one kind or another.


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