Waste of time, softball You-tube interview with Obama

Youtube interview with Obama, what a gigantic bunch of hooey! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbR6iQ62v9k&feature=youtu.be

The Droner in Chief, doing drones to minimize civilian casualties? But did they ask whether he was going to shut down the NSA watching everybody everywhere at all times? Did they ask whether he would stop the theft of civil forfeiture laws? Did they credit Ron Paul for opening up the conversation enough that there was so much noise about this that they had to ratchet back a bit on the federal level on this?

He’s talking like legalizing marijuana was his leftist idea. Stop laughing. He’s encouraged that Republicans are even considering this, as if he’d been trying to convince them. Stop laughing!

The first guy asked about genocide in North Korea. Nobody asked anything about the massacres in the town of Towargah by the allies of Obama and NATO, when they went into Libya to get rid of Gaddafi and restore the dollar hegemony –what’s left of it.

Nobody asked whether he would support auditing the Fed or ending it. That’s the biggest source of poverty for Americans, period, full stop. The biggest cause for the nationalized roller coaster “business cycle” is the Fed.

Cyber-security? How about securing us from the NSA and so many cameras watching us? How about letting us see into exactly what federal agents are doing?

How about telling us the truth about campaign financing instead of acting like they’re trying to make it more fair? How about telling us how George Soros financed Obama’s campaign.


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