The truth is not “a string of words”

Telling the truth and educating others is not a “string of words” when they mean something. Ron Paul never thought he’d get elected to Congress blasting Nixon administration’s decision to let the dollar decouple from gold, but he thought somebody should be talking about it, sharing the rational view from Austrian economics on the dangers of fiat currency.

He never thought he would get the wildly enthusiastic response he got sharing the real issues affecting the political economy in the presidential candidacy. But then if it were not for the dictatorial tactics of the nations “captains and kings”, and their political party bosses, he might have even gotten the nomination and the presidency!

He brought it out into the open, and it is far from a “string of words” now. Freedom is ringing everywhere now, and the ruling class and the banking thieves and the inflation robbers of the central banks like the Fed are in panic.

Switzerland has cut the chains that tied its franc to the euro, nation-states are making deals to drop the dollar in trades, gold is up. Scotland almost seceded (was that an honest count?), Catalonia voted 80 percent to secede from Spain, Nigel Farage’s party UKIP came close to becoming the foremost party in England. Honduras said no to socialist imperialism and dictator Chavez and NO to George Soros’ plans, and Latin Americans cheered.

Special economic zones of freedom are breaking out all over, including my wife’s Honduras. The world is being forced to face the change in the “body politic” and back off from the massively destructive war on drugs. (The best thing the US can do for Honduras for example is (1) de-criminalize all drugs and (2) halt all foreign aid, and then (3) buy their products.)


2 Responses to “The truth is not “a string of words””

  1. insanitybytes22 Says:

    Words have tremendous power 😉

  2. Trutherator Says:

    Yes they do! Words are real things, they lift up, or they knock down. (David Berg)

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