Patheos: a priori mistakes and backwards thinking

The atheism apology site tries to debunk the existence of a mind from the physical brain:

First, methinks thou dost protest too much!

Second, methinks thou dost not think too much!


Their first proposition is that they should be able to find some function of the mind that has nothing to do with any measurable physiological manifestation in the brain. See? This is a proposition that is set up with circular logic in mind.

That’s their first mistake, right there. As long as a mind is associated with a person that has a physical body, what idiot told you there would be no effect in the body?

A quick look at the Bible proves that almost always there are physical manifestations in the body that result from spiritual experiences. As a matter of fact, what do you think Creation science is all about? Spiritual events, spiritual experiences are reflected in the physical world. That’s the problem with assuming you can decouple religious education from science education. The only point of that is to leave education with the assumption that God has nothing to do with the physical world.

So how about that? You prove that the mind affects the brain every time while people are alive (I could have told you that, it’s a spiritual truth) and you say that means there is no soul that lives on afterward? Never mind the other related truth of a resurrection both of the “saved” and later of the “unsaved”.)

They always ignore other kinds of evidence that might expose their “willful” ignorance. Paul told us about the ATHEIST’S confirmation bias2,000 years before Richard Dawkins ever thought he discovered the concept.

When people engage in intercessory prayer for someone’s healing, for example, this is a measurable brain activity. The effect in the person who needs healing is also measurable. Those are physical-world measurable activities of the mind, of course inextricably associated with the brain.

Won’t belabor this more. Summary: the assumption that matching brain activity to mind activity only shows the strength of mental activity.

HOWEVER did they study the documented cases of out-of-body experiences? Not talking about astral projection or even tunnels of light. There are documented cases of people who flatlined and showed ZERO brain activity, none, zilch, nada, zero, but who saw the doctors from above operating on them and trying to save them. There are more who have heard conversations from far away.

And when Nahum saw that in the last days “chariots will be like flaming torches” and “they shall seem like torches, they shall run like the lightnings.”, this also was a measurable brain activity, but clearly there was something going on there that was bigger than time itself.


The article points out that there is an area where damage causes “Wernicke’s aphasia”, in which the victim cannot understand audible speech or the meaning of words but thinks he does, but when he speaks it sounds like a foreign language. They think this has implications for “sects that believe in glossalalia”. Why do they think that? Because dogmatic atheists are often logic-challenged. Pentecostals that “speak in tongues” nevertheless can still understand other speakers and still speak their native tongue, so there is no brain damage. Nevertheless, if they applied “evolutionary biology” logic to that part of the brain, once could say that it is a double purpose function for “glossalalia”, since it would be presumably be the same brain cells used to understand a second, third and fourth language.

Besides, I have known and met people who “spoke in tongues” at one time or another, in a perfectly understandable real-world language previously unknown to them.

One fellow missionary told of coming upon two Portuguese sailors once in Los Angeles. They knew no English, and he knew no Portuguese, and never heard it before. So “by faith”, he began speaking in tongues. He understood what he was saying somehow but then the two sailors immediately asked him where he learned Portuguese! They asked this in Portuguese and he heard them in English! Another one found himself dining with Roma (Gypsies) in Cyprus (or Greece?). He had never “spoken in tongues” per se until recently, but unleashed a bit of a language that had burst out one day. They said they understood some of it as words from one of their old dialects.


God is real, ladies and gentlemen, and the Bible is true, and Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The more I see or hear the evidence offered against it, the more obvious it is that the evidence reflects that truth, the real world testifies to the glory of God and that he is “NOT a man, that he should lie”.

God does not hide the truth, he writes it in the stars and on our hearts, but “there are none so blind as those who will not see”, and “if the blind lead the blind, they both shall fall into the ditch”.

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  1. insanitybytes22 Says:

    Something that never ceases to amuse me, no matter where our reasoning takes us, we will always prove our own non existence, long before we prove God’s non existence. If you plunge down enough rabbit holes, you eventually learn that our own existence is tightly entwined with our Creator’s existence.

    It’s a bit of a logical conundrum that always makes me laugh. If we have no mind, no higher selves, no spirits, then we are simply figments of our own imagination, delusions of our own egos. In which case, who exactly do we presume is doing all the imagining?

    We either exist or we do not. If we do not exist, than this entire conversation is mute. If we do exist, than God is real.

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