Political language police, families and religious convictions

George Orwell warned in “1984” about the use of language by powerful psy-war manipulators and operatives to get more control over our minds and our bodies, and using all things sexual to bend us to their will. He saw them banning all things sexual outside of their own control parameters to do this, but he didn’t warn us that they would do a pincer movement between pushing for all kinds of kinkiness in the name of “freedom of” they kinky, while also pushing back against it with all kinds of “sexual harrassment training” and whipping up child abuse frenzies to a ridiculous exaggeration, and even crazy “feminist” rants.

Their idea is to train the hoi polloi victims of THEIR government –you, me, us– to become passive, submissive, obedient subjects of THEIR orders of the day.

We see some of these tricks in broad daylight with Syria. Ron Paul loosed the anti-war desire for peace in all of us and we gave them enough strong blowback against bombing the Syrian government troops that they had to accept Putin’s face-saving compromise. Because we all knew (thank God for the alternative news sources today) that it was the rebels that were getting American help that used the chemicals in yet another false flag. And that the false flag had Washington DC fingerprints on them.

So what happened? The al Qaeda affiliates that got American weapons free of charge took over Syria and pushed into Iraq and they used the compromised controlled crony corporate organs to push another theme. The rebels that were our allies one day became mortal enemies the next and gave them cover for buying more war machinery from the warmongering sponsors of the Trotskyite created neocons like John McCain, Bill Kristol, John Bolton, Krauthammer, and the left-fascist magazines too!

Remember from “1984”? One day Oceania is allied with Eurasia at war with Eastasia. Then all of a sudden, one day to the next, “Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia”. Anything to keep the masses’ energy directed against an outside threat. While they eat away all chance at freedom inside.

But God is in control, and even if we were to give in, it’s like Paul said, “We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth”.

The push for Ms. has nothing to do with treating women with equal respect, it was a psy-war type tactic to dissolve traditional social associations of family. One of the Karl Marx Communist Manifesto explicit goals was to dissolve the family and marriage with it.

Same sex marriage has nothing to do with love and pairing and equality, it has everything with a government mandate to devalue family.

The strongest enemies of tyranny are (1) religious convictions and (2) the natural nuclear family, in that order. Even atheist libertarian economist and philosopher Walter Block, and agnostic Murray Rothbard before him, have said these two traditional institutions have historically been the best bulwarks against central command and control government.

So first they psyched the masses into thinking of marriage as something separate from the raising of children in a natural family (husband, wife, children). The biological bonds are the strongest, but some people have the love of God (knowingly or not because God is love) enough to treat an adopted child the same way as if it were natural.

So the state has always had a problem with rebellions against them from religious sectors (and that includes what I call cleriocracies) and from populations that are traditionally or culturally separate passing their own values along to new generations.

That is why these latest NWO social and subtle tyrants have lobbed direct attacks on religions and families. The attack on religions is concentrated on Christians in the USA. But if Islam got ascendancy these pagan rulers in the shadows would only use it to consolidate control, since it looks like they have a tradition of subservience. But eventually they’ll move that to their own pagan interests.


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