Shoebat and Muslims and Christians

Walid Shoebat’s web site:

In this next link, Shoebat shares news about new Christian militia and volunteers gathering in the most ancient continuously Christian lands in the Middle East, at least as ancient as Ethiopia as a Christian population:

Shoebat is no doubt a very honest guy. Some of the loudest voices against Communism are people that used to be Communists themselves, like David Horowitz. (and me), and people that had to live under the repressive regime themselves. He has this perspective, but there are manipulators pulling strings of puppets and willing operatives to fulfill the goals of worldwide empire. The manipulators’ ideals are not of a Muslim caliphate, nor of democracy, not Papal domination. Certainly there are many of these groups that talk up these points and many of their movements’ leaders sincerely believe in them, no doubt.

But there are the backers with the financing “behind the scenes” and in many secret memberships, that do know about the overall game plan. Almost all the presidents in the USA, certainly in the 20th and 21st centuries, are not seeking the fine-sounding goals they proclaim.

You cannot trust the Republicans any more than the Democrats, or the Central Committee of the ruling party in North Korea.

Islamic State Sponsor of Terrorism and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Pulling for the Same Republican Presidential Candidates in 2016 – Walid Shoebat

Remember the trade of Berghdal for five Taliban commanders? What the press never mentioned was the FIVE BILLION DOLLARS THE US GAVE TO QATAR –as part of the deal.

The answer to all the wars is the Prince of Peace. The answer to poverty is Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. The answer to ill health is the Creator of the body. The answer to ignorance is the one who said ” The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.” (Proverbs 18:15)

Jesus Christ frees us from sin, from guilt, from death, and from hell. The truth sets us free from deceit, from the worldly cares, and empowers us to cope with those cares and resolve the issues instead of succumbing to them.

The answer to sin, guilt, death and hell is the one who conquered them all. A call out to Jesus frees you from sin, guilt, death and hell.


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