Prince of Peace is the answer to religious wars

Wait a minute. It’s not “Christianity’s” war on Islam any more than it’s “Islam’s” war against Christianity, even though it might look like one of these two at the first quick superficial glance. The “religious” tension started back in Mohammed’s day, for sure, but then history has it that Muhammed is the one who did war to establish Islam’s beginning territorial parameters, and his followers later spread into Christianity’s lands by conquest with the sword. This gave the justification needed for the Crusades, to take back the lands that had been “stolen”.

Remember that Christians did not take over the Roman Empire by killing their enemies. They took it over by laying down their lives, showing they loved their neighbors unto the death, sharing their freedom from death, and secure in their knowledge of resurrection.

That said, if Boko Haram fighters were attacking a village, and Cameroon’s soldiers killed them defending the village, then the wording of the headline is a bit misleading.

This news story does highlight one thing, though. This kind of news is somewhat suppressed in legacy USA news media. Looking at a wide view picture, it forms a pattern of “balancing” the news coverage just enough to whip both sides into a frenzy against each other to try to obfuscate the real world and let them wear each other out.


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