Quit letting them distract you with Islamists! A false flag!

Hey! Wake up! Islam is not the most urgent enemy of Americans! It is the illegal runaway regime ruling us from Washington, D. C. and from the central banks of the world! Muslims and Christians share a common enemy and ISIS ‘over there’ and the war drums ‘over here’ are only distractions from the greater evils.

Obama and the neocons and the crony-capitalist lackey press and media certainly want all eyes on Islam, and so do the renegade criminal factions that call themselves Muslims!

But we have a common enemy in the ones who are right now robbing the entire world blind with BOTH taxation and fiat-fake currency printing. They are trying to distract us from the fact that they have all NSA-CIA-alphabet soup eyes on genuine libertarians AND genuine conservatives right now, and they have plans for us and for the rest of the world.

They plan on “saving” us and “protecting” us from the evil of Islam by cracking down even more on grannies at the airport and Ron Paul bumper stickers, since oh no, Ron Paul fans must be crazed lunatics right? And don’t forget you Bible-believing and even atheist conservatives were thrown under the bus at the Republican Party convention and by Boehner in December 2014!

These people who gave away the money for Obamacare so they could gouge our eyes out (literally for some people who will go blind from the inferior medical care that is already an effect of it). Even post-Snowden, with everybody laughing at the attempt to call him traitor, they keep on going hoping we’ll just roll our eyes and roll over.

If we follow these crony-capitalist crony-socialist left-fascist lying cry for more war, our sons and daughters will pay the price and your grandchildren will spit on your grave. And like Nigel Farage told the European Parliament, “they’ll be right!”. And like

But Nigel Farage was speaking of people that awoke to get mad at Grand Theft Government.


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