How to stop terrorism

Harry wrote WAY too much to bother reading it for a forum like this. He’d be better off putting it in a blog or forum somewhere and putting a link here with a 25-word synopsis, which is what I do when 100 words won’t do the idea justice.

Meantime, to stop this madness:
_1_ Follow Ron Paul’s advice and stop intervening everywhere in the world. This is where it all starts. It’s not a matter of stopping them over there so they won’t come here, they’re only over here because we are over there.
_2_ For the ones that do “come over here”, run them down, okay. Like the big security consultancy corporation Stratfor warned when the USA went into Afghanistan, the US had two choices after the Towers fell. _3_ Jesus Christ and changes in the heart of man…

Stratofor said the US could be vindicated and punishment delivered to the perpetrators and warning of destruction also delivered for others if they went in, took down the national base for the perps and destroyed their infrastructure. And got out. That would have the desired effect.

But they warned that trying nation-building –something Bush had promised repeatedly never to do but didn’t blink to do it– would cultivate all kinds of blowback from the whole region.

Brother Andrew of Open Doors Ministry begged the West NOT to tear up the Middle East. His ministry provides Bibles and outside fellowship for those who are stuck in closed countries, including Christians meeting in secret in these countries.

The USA did something that the worst monsters of Islamic radicals could not do: they made it 100 times worse for Christians in Iraq, in Libya, everywhere in the Middle East.

Christianity was birthed by a Savior who laid down his life for unbelievers to spread salvation; Islam was birthed by a leader that laid down the life of unbelievers to spread his beliefs. The earliest followers of Christ laid down their lives by the tens of thousands to share their faith with unbelievers; the earliest followers of Muhammed laid down the lives of unbelievers to spread their beliefs by conquest. (The Crusades only came later with atrocities later by a political regime under color of an anti-Christian religion that banned Bible reading and visited Islamic methods back onto them. (Yes, Muslim regimes had also wiped out entire cities). Biblical Christianity has no political aspirations.

The biggest threat to totalitarians is the spread of the Gospel, for with it comes the knowledge of the truth, eternal life, and “what can man do to me”? It also comes from the God of love. Not the formal ceremonial and nominal kind, but the Biblical Christianity with the personal experience with the Son of the God of Love.


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