Is it a baby or not

Take DNA from the mother’s body, DNA from the baby’s body, send it to a DNA lab, and ask them if it’s the same person. We both know it is not. The baby does not understand semantic arguments over “moral agency”, therefore is totally dependent on its mother, whether inside or outside of the womb. And how about that amoral semantic switch, using the word “zygote” to avoid saying “baby in formation”? A salve on the conscience but does nothing for the root problem that causes the symptom of feelings of guilt.

“Methinks thou dost protest too much”.

“Moral agency”, eh? So if you don’t think the baby understands what you’re doing to it, it’s okay to kill it? What about the low-IQ among us?

“Moral agency”. You should watch the movie “Silent Scream”, that shows a baby in the womb undergoing an abortion killing. It tries to escape.

We adults do have moral agency, and the killing of a human being is a violation of the NAP. Honest geneticists agree: the baby is a human being apart from the mother.

Ask an obstetrician that does abortions whether he knows the baby is a human being, and he’ll draw up his nose into the air all insulted and indignant: “OF COURSE we know it’s a human being!”. In the words of one French geneticist called by attorneys for the pro-life plaintiffs in a case in Kansas, he said “Of course it’s a human being”. But then he surprised the pro-lifers by saying (along with Goebbels and Malthus and Margaret Sanger), “The question is, what value does that human life”.

Maybe we should question the value of the humans that put human life on a scale and make arbitrary convenient decisions to eliminate the most helpless and disarmed of the society for their own convenience or ideology. Just kidding. What I mean is, they should consider whether they would be the victims of somebody who didn’t like them.


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