Pro-lifers lift up women and protect baby girls

Where did you get this that pro-lifers “want to grind down women”? It’s quite the opposite meaning actually. And it gets much more clear who is on the side of females when you look at the one-child abortion policies of the Chinese Communist government, in their population culling plan designed by the same Planned Parenthood that grinds down women in the United States. Millions of Chinese kill the female babies in the womb, because they do not trust the Communist government or the future generation to respect their lives in their elderly years.

There is another Malthusian program worldwide today going on subtly. Having been missionary in Latin America I’m more aware of what’s going on there. Doctors in a lot of the hospitals were deciding to perform stealth sterilizations of mothers having babies, while the mothers were under anesthesia, and not even telling them! But they were finding out when they went for treatment for some of the secondary effects many of those mothers suffered.

And even Univision even gave voice to a group of hospital directors in Peru who complained they were getting mandatory quotas from the central government for sterilizations of females.

This is a branching of the push for abortions in the U.S. as if it were a “right”. Killing a baby while it’s in the womb is just as much infanticide as doing it when it’s a few inches outside the womb. Hitler would have been delighted with this Margaret Sanger eugenics plan, in fact she was delighted with his and invited his Eugenics Minister to speak in the 1930s to the predecessor of Planned Parenthood, which she founded as the Birth Control League.


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