How to win the global war on terror???

God hates warmongers.

I do NOT like Ralph Peters hubris. Hunt is at least more real-world. Just killing them hasn’t worked, but, of course have they really tried to eliminate them when they form a government like ISIS has, de facto? The bumbling idiotic warmaking of the Bush and Obama regimes were disarming Iraq’s common citizen, converting the Baath Party of Iraq into a criminal “terrorist” organization in league with the fugitive military command by criminalizing them both, and riding roughshod over the population.

When the American Army marched into Fallujah, they took over a school building and the children couldn’t study. Parents protested at the school, and the Army just told them to obey and go back home, then finally started firing at them. These are the kids that were weaned on Grand Theft Auto and raised on rap music.

If you leave widows and brothers and families dead, they have other people who won’t understand the differences.

Bush said to stop them over there so they don’t come over here.

The liar left out the fact that they DID “come over here” BECAUSE “we” were “OVER THERE”.

The military corporate war pimp consultants at Stratfor should be yelling “Told you so!!!” because while the troops were just going into Afghanistan, they issued the consequences of the strategy.

They said the U.S. could just go in, crush al Qaeda and the Taliban, let some alternative (like the Northern Alliance) take over, and then just get out just as quick. Stratfor is a big military strategy consultancy, so the Bush administration knew full well that they were going to be BUYING billions of dollars of warmaking stuff for years to come.

After all, they were the ones that created al Qaeda and the Taliban to drive out the Russians, and they knew how they did it.

But, no, Bush had LIED as a candidate when he said “No nation building”.

The Marines took down the Barbary Pirates and got out. They took Germany and got out. Marshall is another decrepit example of corruption with the “Marshall Plan”. There would have been plenty of private money to “rebuild Europe” because there were still enough people with push enough to make the free market a prosperity engine. In fact Germany is a case in point.

The people in general will blame whoever owns the place.If you Occupy, and keep an occupation force in place, the people will blame their problems on you. If you split, they’ll blame the bad guys you left behind for them to deal with. If they are gluttons for punishment maybe they’ll repeat until they learn.

The worst enemy of Americans is the Federal Reserve, and after that it is crony capitalism here at home that gets “our” lying politicians to keep going with war. The banksters and zillionaire cult that runs the puppets from behind the curtains are beholden to the Saudis who agreed with Nixon to make the dollar the default international exchange currency.

If the Saudis start requiring euros instead, you might start finally hearing about their beheadings of Christians for converting from Islam, for homosexuality, for hanging women to death for adultery and not the women. And all of a sudden they’ll report the Saudi bin Laden family’s stealth escape from the United States by air, while all the other aircraft in the country was grounded (including the Air Force’s). Followed by reports in the media of “grassroots” demands to suppress them.


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