Karl Marx wrote part of the Bible?

Clueless. The blind leading the blind and they both fall into the ditch. It’s true that the Bible is full of commandments to consider the poor, to give alms, help the widows and the orphans.

But the Bible is very clear about how to do this. For example, Thou shalt not steal. Every dime a government gives to a corporate or personal subsidy is a THEFT from somebody else. Jesus said Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, which means give it up instead of dying over it. He told the disciples he only paid tribute so as not to offend them, meaning so the Romans wouldn’t interfere with God’s will. He told Pilate the ones who turned him over to Pilate demanding his crucifixion had the “greater sin”, because the Romans were accomplishing God’s will in Jerusalem. How? Because they made it more safe for the Messiah to realize his purpose. And provided protection for a brief time for Christians that would have been squashed by another Ahab or Jezebel.

So be clear: Political socialists are attacking the traveler on the road. The word of God supports the Samaritan method: Use YOUR OWN darn money. The Good Samaritan did not commit armed robbery against the next traveler in order to pay for the victim of the other robbery!

Minimum wage laws are NOT about helping the poor, they are about two things:

(1) STEALING from somebody else.
(2) CREATING MORE UNEMPLOYMENT. It’s a reduction of the labor pool by way of excluding the bottom poorest and least skilled, and the new entries into the labor force (teens).

It is a force-driven indirect subsidy to rich powerful union bosses to increase their dues treasury, and pay for their mansions, with some crumbs shared among the union “guild” grunts by seniority. And what do the kings and rulers and dictators get for their service? The union bosses keep the workers agitated against the capitalists that create the businesses that hire them.

(3) Goals #1 and #2 help with the third goal of keeping the tension going, and preventing the plebes and peons from finding their way to create their own businesses.

(4) It also benefits the BIG corporate sponsors of politicians treasure chests, by keeping the lid on the smaller businesses.


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  1. insanitybytes22 Says:

    God is rather efficient. He believes in taking a few loaves and fishes and feeding hundreds. The government must take hundreds of fishes and loaves just to trickle down bites to a few.

    Marxism is not supported anywhere in the bible, in fact, the bible is rather clear on the importance of private property. You cannot give to the poor or render unto caesar what you do not own.

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