Socialism is bad for Latin America, whether the CIA supports it or not

First of all, I am an “American libertarian”. I oppose all American interventions. It began with the Vietnam war during which I used the U.S. Statistical Abstract to find the most likely place to give me a medical deferment, and it happened in Berkeley and San Francisco, California. That’s where I then joined a missionary movement that inspired the so-called “Jesus People” phenomenon. I preached the judgments of God upon America for its voracious appetite for war and its rejection of God. And ever since then.

American libertarians are the biggest threat to socialists worldwide. Socialism is a scourge upon mankind here, and it is a scourge upon mankind everywhere. Libertarians don’t fall into the trap of questioning what good things government might be needed for. It is a well-developed and reasoned basic philosophy based on the only possible way to define natural human rights in a society. For Christians it is a match made in heaven, because God does not like kings and dictators and so-called democracies, no matter what the clueless compromised “Christian” Pharisee media may say.

I was a missionary from 1971 through to late 1980s. I went to Puerto Rico in 1973 and from there to other Latin American countries. I am “Latinized”, my ex-wife and my second and last wife is from Honduras.

I consider that libertarianism is not only imperative for America, but for Latin America, and the world. And socialism maybe the worst.

I have the LATIN AMERICAN perspective on Chavez! Having had a libertarian perspective on events in Honduras during 2009, I know that Chavez was the interventionist there. And not only that, but the truth of the matter is, and the Honduran elites and middle class know this, The United States, at least forces within its government, fought to HELP Chavez help install Manuel Zelaya as dictator-for-life with Chavez as model.

That’s behind the scenes, of course. The banking super-cartel, you see, manipulates ALL sides of this thing. U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens supported Zelaya’s illegal referendum/survey fraud plans. President Mcheletti blew the whistle on Hillary Clinton, who made a personal phone call to order him to resign and let Zelaya back in. Among other things.

You’ll see history books calling this a military coup, even written by operatives pimping truth out for world socialism. That accusation was a fraud too. Some in Honduras do say it was a “good coup” to stop the president’s crimes. But it good to stop him, like I said.

Most Venezuelans also now are most definitely opposed to Chavez. You don’t hear much coming out of Venezuela to that effect for the same reason there are no reliable polls on public opinion in North Korea.



That’s why the passed the resolution they did, and the Supreme Court could only denounce him formally because he refused court orders to stop violating the laws and Constitution of the land. Allende’s people, including the now OAS SECY-GENERAL Jose Miguel Insulza, were already forming armed groups with warehouses full of weapons to battle the Chilean government forces, preparing for their own armed coup. Pinochet gave up power; Allende would never have given it up once consolidated.

That resolution passed by the Chile Congress in 1973, called on the president, the executive, and the Armed Forces specifically as such, all of them, to put an end to Allende’s own auto-coup, as I now call it:

Nonetheless, I never said the Chilean coup was “legal”. Allende had already abandoned the laws of the land and was obviously, to Chileans, establishing a Cuba-style dictatorship using Chavez and Zelaya methods. The atrocities blamed on the Pinochet government would have conceivably been exceeded by an Allende version after power consolidation.

I share a freedom-minded and libertarian perspective non-stop, and that on a Biblical basis. And I know that the last gasp worldwide socialist dictator, The Beast, will persecute Christians everywhere. And I know that his followers already do that and are preparing the ground here.

Moreover, I used to be Constitution this, Constitution that. Nowadays I’m just non-aggression principle and anarcho-capitalist all the way, the Biblical way. Every man his own conscience before God, and leave the atheists and pagans alone as long they don’t attack, or try to censor the Gospel.

So try to look at it from the perspective of a Latin American, one that gets oppressed by these socialist demagogues and thieves. I guarantee you, the CIA was not able to stop Honduras’ removal of Zelaya from executive position. If they did anything at all, it was to execute socialist mole Obama’s orders to help the dictator.

Socialism is good business for the super-filthy rich, the ones that got rich using dirty means. Ask George Soros. It’s not good for Latins. The CIA government-corporate-war machine of course work for their own purposes, and I am opposed to ALL of it.

It’s just that anti-interventionism should imply anti-socialism as well. Paul Craig Roberts defends Chavez as just trying to protect his people from the Yankees. What a bunch of baloney! He said Putin has not geopolitical ambitions at all. Well, the Ukraine mess is the fault of the Yanks, but Putin is no gentle John Apostle or Dr. Livingston either.

Libertarianism is for Latin Americans too! Down with Yankee imperialism! Down with Chavista imperialism! Down with socialist caudillos!


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