Micro-aggression: New theme to enforce Obedient Political Conformity


Micro-aggression: This is a new theme to take their idea of PC (“political conformity”) to new effect, now that PC has lost its fizz, apparently, declining in power in the face of the alternative Internet sources for news and understanding.

PC has infected enough of a demographic, though, to now subtly recruit enforcers. The academic mind-benders will use this new vehicle to make non-conformity a trigger for the mind-compliant, who now go into overt physical aggression mode upon seeing such a trigger.

Gullible roboticized minds, a la 1984. The main masters within the “Inner Party” issuing edicts to the rest of the Inner Party, and they issuing new orders to the brains of the brain-gutted. (I don’t like “brainwashed” because that implies cleanliness). Tossed about by every wind of doctrine, as Paul put it.

I had a high school history and geography teacher who was kind of a good influence on the class, in my opinion. Not short in the smarts territory, we were a “gifted” class. He de-emphasized the rote memorization of dates and places but gave them its due. I remember him for his constant exhortation to the class to think for ourselves, not just believe everything on face value.

He gave us examples, like explaining his reasoning for always voted straight Democrat Party ticket. That means to me now that he did not completely think it through himself, but at least he didn’t inculcate us with ad hominems thrown at the politically dissident.

I told my co-workers I didn’t think anything should be “political”.


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