Batman and Robin cops

During the racial riot season of the 1960’s an entire ghetto neighborhood marched on a police station, fathers, mothers, grandmas, demanding that they bring back two uniformed white cops to the neighborhood. They had more busts to their name than anybody else, and because of their tactics they were called “Batman and Robin” in the hood.

But the hood also knew that they busted their own fellow cops when the other cops did bad, like beating on people or robbing their cocaine and whatnot. It got so bad for the dirty cops (goes right up the line) that they tried to trap them into a undercover sting by a mayor’s secret corrupt “anti-corruption” force. They couldn’t believe anybody would be so clean, apparently. But it backfired because Batman and Robin told their superiors who also arranged a sting on the informant that Mayor Lindsey’s guys were using.

Malcolm X used to yell at the folks in the welfare line to stop begging white man for help. I read a couple of Black Muslim papers back in the day. Alongside the crazy stuff were all kinds of articles about black enterprises.

Black Muslim in Liberty City (Miami, FL) got tired of a half-dozen robberies a year, so after a bunch of security measures didn’t work, he finally installed an electric shock grid across the whole roof. Next burglar died of electrocution when he tried to cut a hole in the roof (again).

In Peru, the prison sections where they used to keep the Sendero Luminoso prisoners were known as the cleanest and best-behaved.


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