Honduras: Theft will not eliminate poverty

If the big companies coerced the land-owning peasants to sell, this is a failure of government to protect the land. It is not a failure of the free market.

It also just so happens that we’ve seen this movie before. In the last run, land that was in production was invaded by an aggressive bunch that were agitated and organized by professional “community organizers”, Honduras version. They engaged in violent confrontation with guards hired to protect the land. Whose fault is that?

As to the reform and land sales that started with land in the hands of poor families that later sold them to bigger ranches, why don’t you go complain at the small startups with software innovations in the US that sold out to bigger companies, like Microsoft?

Ah, so the problem is not the free market or private ownership, but GOVERNMENT intervention. Or if it was really an armed invasion by rich ranchers of small family farms, then the GOVERNMENT failed to keep the promise of protecting its subjects. Bottom line is, it is GOVERNMENTS we cannot trust.

A problem caused by government malfeasance in either case cannot be solved by more government.

I am totally against somebody stealing your property to give it to somebody who has less, PERIOD, whether it’s land or income.

If you believe in such reform, why don’t you equalize your income with folks who are more poor than you?

Envy and coveting are poisons to the soul. The devious socialists use it to send the poor into cannons, so they can step over their bodies on the way to the palace. Just like when the Sandinistas lost their first election, Daniel Ortega arranged to transfer the properties to Sandinista operatives in preparation for their prepared return to power.


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  1. safariman Says:

    Exactly. In Honduras perhaps worse than many. But the same problems exist when Government intervention occurs everywhere!

  2. trutherator Says:

    This I wrote in reaction to a “poor-peasants” piece on Hondurasweekly.com. They have a poor register/log-in code stack.

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