Israel and Syria and truth

WND is beginning to look like a mole inside the “conservative” side of the American conversation following the directed history narrative:

Biden saying Turkey is helping ISIS is a blatant example of pot and kettle. All the radical Islamist arms and men that the United States and its CIA poured into Syria from all parts of Muslim lands and even non-Muslim lands, of course went into building up an enemy we know as ISIS today.

When the sleeping American body politic roared against bombing Syria and helping those radical Islamists slaughter Christians, the war machine decided to run out ahead of them and make those radical elements into the new enemy. And in consistent Orwellian fashion, instead of saying the US rulership changed sides in a matter of days, they said these are the “terrorist” factions we’ve always been against. A reborn “offshoot” of al Qaeda.

So finally D. C., the Democrat-Republican wholly-owned ruling political cartel, had an excuse to drop bombs, not only on Syria, but “back to the future” in Iraq again!

But the supposed American monopoly on superpower status is cracking in at least two major ways. One, some of us are explicitly saying out loud that it was the Kurds defending their own turf that pushed back ISIS and saved the Yazidis from them. Air cover always helps, but the Kurds have shown what they can do when the West does not choke off their supply lines.

The other thing is that I’m just one of the growing crescendo of voices noting the hollow propaganda points. We called their lie on Syria’s “rebel” forces. For freedom? Really? So now you not only want to steal from us with extorted taxation, but you want to insult our intelligence?

Maybe you got the memo and ignored it: Your Internet has opened up an upswelling of information sharing under your radar and it’s so massive that you are sensing it. Your devious secret society spokesmouths are saying there is “a lot of garbage out there” about you, but your disinformation is now subject to the ridicule and “countermeasure narratives” you used to heap onto conspiracy theorists.

We know now that the nations the Western war machine has overturned in the Middle East were the ones that had the most tolerant regimes with regard to religious minorities. This shows that far from being a “Christian crusade” against Islam, this “war on terror” is not even just a cover for imposing more command government at home, but a cover for something else “over there”. Iraq, Libya, and Egypt had regimes that protected religious minorities inside their borders, and Syria still does, more than their Islamist regime neighbors.

We know now (as some of us did all the while) that Gaddafi protected Christians inside his borders, and the invasion force backed by NATO, dominated by non-Libyans, and supported by NATO bombs and Western Special Forces direction, slaughtered the entire town of Tamarga

Oh, so now the American public lines up. The crowds crying “Hosanna” and spreading palms for their Saviors one day are days later crying “Crucify him!”

The emperor has no (spiritual) covering. The world can see his nakedness, and the moral decrepitude of his henchmen preparing the way. The Beast “shall come to his end, and none shall help him.”


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